Friday, April 25, 2014

The Last Waltz

(I composed both these and couldn't decide which I liked the best)

              The Last Waltz

It was a moonlit night,
With stars overhead;
It was the last dance of the evening,
We had only met and yet

Without a doubt I knew
He was the one man
Meant for me but, alas,
When the ship docked, he vanished.

Was he just a figment
Of my imagination,
My mind had invited
To fill my loneliness,

Or was he real,
Did he truly exist?
Over the next several months,
I busied myself teaching

Dance to little girls learning ballet
In my studio
Then one day,
He opened my door,

Standing there smiling
Down at me,
I've been searching
For you all this time, you see.

When I saw your photo
With your ballet class
In the local paper,
I knew I'd found at last,

The one I'd searched for since
We did that one last waltz,
Where you captured my love
And your heart for good.


                   The Last Waltz

She'd saved and pinched pennies
Until she had enough to take that cruise
She'd always dreamed of having,
Now here she was on the last evening

Out on the dance floor and oh, 
What a sight she made as she 
Glided and danced with so many
Partners she could not know

Who they all were, yet
She was a picture of charm and grace,
With such an ordinary face
As to be forgettable.

He'd watched her each night
From afar, but until the last waltz,
He'd not approached for fear,
She would not like his gait.

You see, he limped, but she took
In stride, that fact, and smiled at him,
Transforming her face into one he'd 
Never forget. He asked around next 

Morning to determine her identity,
Alas, it was not meant to be,
So they both left separately.
She remembered his quiet charm

And then one day, he showed up at 
The door of her ballet school.
"I looked for you and finally saw
Your photo in the newspaper

With your class of little girls
Learning to dance and performing
Their graceful moves you must
Have taught them in such a charming

Manner. I could not rest until I found you
Each evening when I slept, I saw your face
As we danced and swayed with such grace
Now I've found you and we can dance

Forever together the last waltz again
And again, never to part for life.
A month later she became his wife,
Now, fifty years later, they dance still

Holding each other in their minds, 
As he cares for her
At the end of her life,
The dancer who became his wife.


kaykuala said...

Fantastic for both, Grammy! Reading them makes one feel so very young! Great!


Anonymous said...

I like them both...the last one most especially. So tender and touching.

Grammy said...

Thank you all.