Saturday, April 5, 2014



Always I've wished for elegance,
To be tall and graceful and fancy,
Full of gracefulness always.

But alas, it wasn't meant to be,
It seems my inheritance was instead,
To be cute, smart, petite;

Life of the party; ideas in my head,
Quips forever coming from my lips,
Thinking of something funny to say.

Yep, in me, there ain't no elegance,
No eloquence - not a chance -
Guess I'm destined just to be

A product of my inheritance...
But, then, ain't we all?


Anonymous said...

I think you're writing is very elegant and eloquent.

David P. King said...

I always appreciate good poetry. New follower. Happy A to Z-ing! :)

Spacerguy said...

So creative, We're birds of a feather, I've written two poems on my blog. Joined your followers.

Anonymous said...

Great poem.

Rhi // Welsh Bloggers

Grammy said...

fellow bloggers. thank you so very much!

Beruriah said...
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Rory Fist said...

Wonderful poem.

Funny, I'm average sized. I've always wanted to be cute and petite. To disappear more easily....

Grammy said...

maybe we could trade. ha ha

Patricia Stoltey said...

I can totally identify with your words on Elegance, Ruby. It's good to connect up with you again. The A to Z Challenge gets me out and about again.

Sandy said...

Cute post, you stopped by my blog a few days ago, been out of town and am now plaing catch up, good luck wih the rest of the a-z

Wanted to mention it would be good if you left the link t your blog insteadof the link to your profile. Use the name and url option in the drop down box that way people will get to your blog easier. Many folks won't take the extra time to look through your profile for the link to your blog.

You can also leave a hyper link which is what I'm doing here since you don't have the name url option activated and I have 5 would have to sort through my dashboard otherwise. Let me know if you want help with it.

Traveling Suitcase

Shelagh McNally said...

You're sheer elegance on paper!

Grammy said...

Thanks, y'all.

Anonymous said...

..and then at the end of the day we realize, happiness stems from accepting ourself !

beautiful words !