Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hit Man

                 Hit Man

The hit man sneaks in unaware,
He has no sympathy to spare,
Just does the job and takes the pay,
Uncaring for the life he dares
To end, he goes his quiet way again.

Does he then go home to wife
Caress her with hands that held a knife,
Or gun; With love tucking children in
Pulling covers up under their chin?
What is he then - family man or hit man?


Holly Jahangiri said...

Assassin, lover, man of two minds -
the hit man can compartmentalize.
He tucks his trusting child in
The teddy bear, beneath her chin
Might serve him well, a silencer.
His wife? He'd never silence HER -
Her words all jumbled in his head
Would make him wish that HE were dead.

helenjameson said...

The two-faced hit man and killer. Love it!

Mark Means said...

I really like the dichotomy this poem shows. Proving that we all wear different masks in life.

Well done! :)

ilakshee said...

Do we also live this way, masquerading all through the day?
You have a way with the verses. Thank you for stopping by at my blog :)

Delores said...

A lot of us are not what we seem...hidden agendas....silent dreams...a mask that covers a primal scream.
You did a fantastic job with H for hit man.

Grammy said...

Thank you all! Sometimes I surprise myself, even. :)

Candy Ryan said...
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kaykuala said...

Without a doubt without a conscience! Meeting one's needs by imposing misery is no go. There are ways of earning a living. Good for bringing it out into the open Grammy!


Sue McPeak said...

You are one surprising Grammy...Hitman!!! totally unexpected...go grammy go! Thanks for stopping by CollectInTexas Gal for Hear Ye post.
Sue at CollectInTexas Gal

Grammy said...

Thank ya, Texas Gal! For the last four years, I'm a Texas gal now, I reckon .

Lisa said...

I've always wondered this same thing. Almost like Jekyll and Hyde...
I enjoyed reading your poetry on the A to Z. I like your insight and wit! I lived in Waco for 18 years and went to Dallas often. Loved living in Texas. That came as a total surprise!

Suzanne Sapsed said...

Love your H! And Holly's above :)
Suzanne @Suzannes Tribe