Friday, April 18, 2014



Our lives are filled with patterns
In every place we see many repeat
Designs if only we look for them.

They shout it in our faces.
"Look at me: don't you see my beauty,
And my lines of stylish grace?"

When we make a piece of clothing.
The fabric has patterns of its own,
Copied from designs found in nature.

"Nature?" you may inquire as you gaze
At me. "Of course!, Don't be amazed
At my reply. Just look about you and 

You'll see how God created each 
And every pattern that man has
Copied from flower and rock,

The skies and all you see.
Just observe - the pyramids and
The mountain peaks are great 

Examples whereof I speak,
The whirlpool of concentric circles,
Becomes for us the simple toy

We call the Slinky -  and here's the kick!
The spear man invented, it's just a sharp
Rock on the end of a stick. 

The crocheted doily - nah, just a flower
Copied called Queen Anne's Lace,
The trifold hat of the French -

Just copied from the Trefoil Flower
Designs created by The Almighty who
In the beginning, created world and everything

In it, including flowers, birds, beasts and men.
Don't forget and look around you, friend,
Search for designs, here, forever, Amen!"


Anonymous said...

It's true. We can only recreate what has already been created. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery I'm told.

Comley Charlotte said...

This post got me thinking! Nice to meet and connect through the AtoZ challenge.

Grammy said...

Thank you, Nice to meet you as well, Charlotte. Thank you for stopping by, both you and Delores!