Thursday, April 3, 2014



They're orange and crunch,
Some people like to munch
On them.

Not I!

You see, I have dentures,
And the two don't mix well.
If you're in the same boat as I,
Then you surely know why!

Hey, don't weep for me,
Cause you see,
That leaves more
For Bugs Bunny.

And the Easter Bunny, too.
Besides, I like my carrots cooked


Anonymous said...

I much prefer them raw but
but once you spoke
I saw
that dentures cause a problem.

Another good one girl.

Grammy said...

Thanks, Friend! I discovered a lot of things I can't eat now, but I am getting better adjusted to them. I've had them now for a year and five months. :)

Sara C. Snider said...

What a cute poem. Roasted carrots with garlic can be quite tasty!

Anonymous said...

Love your blogs name! I love carrots, cooked and raw. And so does my Chihuahua :-D

The Wicked Writer said...

love your poems, and I'm not a fan of al dente anyway :)

Nancy LaRonda Johnson said...

Very cute. :) You covered all the arguments for why no carrots for you, unless they're thoroughly cooked.

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Anonymous said...

haha. Being a dentist by profession and having made countless dentures, I have never really thought of the difficulty in biting a carrot with the dentures !

Mildred Moss said...

I love the poem, Grammy. You really got the idea out there in such a poetic manner. Hahaha! Carrots are really hard to munch on, right? Anyway, I hope you update us with more creative dental issues like that. I really enjoyed it. Kudos! :)

Mildred Moss @ Dentures Done Right