Wednesday, April 2, 2014



There are bonds that bind
And bonds that break,
Those that are kind 
Others that make us ache.

Some bind us with a silken cord,
Some tie us with a single thought
Into a group with one accord.
With some we are bought,

With some we are sold,
Others we purchase,
With silver or gold,
Some lift us up and others abase.

Of what kind of bondage
Are you aware?
Are we on the same page?
Or do you even care?


40Plus Teenager said...

my mom tried to tie us to her side with apron strings, I fear that I might have cut mine too soon with my brood, but yes, it's not just with family, but organisations, friends, politics...good post, very thought provoking.

Delores said...

You never fail to amaze and delight.

Lee Lyons said...

No one is totally free. Everyone is bonded to something.

Grammy said...

Thank you all.

Ruby Manchanda said...

Great writing

Jaimie Ramsey said...

This is lovely. I like how you didn't restrict your sentences to stanzas, but carried sentences over from one sentence to the next. Well done.

Stopping by from the A to Z Challenge~ I'm at :)

English ( P) Rose said...

This was lovely to read, and I think it says it all about life, Great post.

Grammy said...

Thanks, Yvonne! Good to see you again!

thewordtrance said...

Your words are amazing and makes us to step back and think ! :)