Monday, April 14, 2014

Linsey Woolsey

When first the settlers from Great Britain to this country came,
They brought with them a fabric by the name
Of Linsey Woolsey for to cover their frames,
And keep them warm in wintertime.

One thing about this common clothing,
You see, it often was slightly scratchy,
Even itchy, but inexpensive to produce,
So it was widespread in its use.

Why call it by such a title? 
It was a clever combination,
Made of cotton or linen, plus wool;
Clothing many a generation

Of common folk for years.
I don't think that I would care 
For such a roughly woven stuff
Though it would keep me warm enough.

From fifteenth century was said to come,
'Twas worn by poor folk all 
They grew all the stuff they needed,
To weave the cloth for short and tall.

Now this poem may also be called
Lynsy Wolsye as it defines a mixture 
Or Jumble of incongruity,
Surely you can clearly see? 


Kathy Combs said...

Interesting. Sounds like a great durable fabric. ♥ Lovely poem.

Anonymous said...

thank goodness we've moved past that 'stuff'.

Tom MacInnes said...

When one thinks back upon the clothing of the day, it was a wonder people got much done at all. Some of the clothing and fabric must have been horribly hot and irritating to wear. Loved the folkiness of your poem. Well done. :)

Grammy said...

Thanks, you all

Sue Kuentz said...

Love to hear history and what common folks had to survive with! Thanks so much,

D Biswas said...

History has its triumphs and shame. Thanks for sharing both here.

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