Tuesday, April 15, 2014



It would seem as though for every ill,

Exists a medicine of liquid or pill,
Created  to cure or treat at will.

Does your heart murmur, day in and out?
There is a monitor for that, there is no doubt.
Or perhaps you have "The Trots"

Or ye sinuses are clogged with...mucus?
Er, you get the idea, of that I'm certain,
Somehow, that from something we're hurtin'

With some minor ache or pain.
Waiting to feel whole again,
So we can feel mostly better!

Do you remember taking Castor Oil,
In days of bygone youth,
And we would have to hold our noses,

To swallow down the stuff?
The illnesses were quite enough
To survive, without the agony of cures.

Say, have you seen my walking cane?
I know I put it somewhere..oops!.
There went my memory out again!


sdneeveindieauthor.com said...

Love it! What an entertaining poem.
Stopping by on the A to Z. :)

Grammy said...

Thanks, friend!

Delores said...

Oh boy....we are at that stage in life aren't we? Pills for this and creams for that and yes indeed...a walking cane.

Rumer Haven said...

Man, oh man, I feel the pain of clogged sinuses. A lovely chronic malady, and right now as I visit my folks, it seems we're all popping pills for something or other. :)

Natalie Bowers said...

This did make me chuckle!

Natalie Bowers said...

This did make me chuckle!

Grammy said...

Yes to all!

Cecilia said...

now that was worth a grin before the sun is up, I shall come again and see what your sense of humour has concocted.

Have a happy day. :)

lifeaftercaregiving said...

Ah,yes--the medicines. When I was caring for Mom and Dad, I spent an hour every couple of weeks sorting pills. Now the pills I sort are for me and my husband. Thanks for the smile.

Grammy said...