Saturday, April 19, 2014



While casting about for a subject
Beginning with the letter "Q",
I was beginning to think, "O, Heck,
I'll not be able to save my neck."

When my eyes cast about, searching,
Hunting, then gazed upon the table
Next to my sewing machine I use
Most days in endless labor and I saw,

My latest labor in which I endeavor 
To complete the quilt I am working on.
One in a week or less; I make a new one,
Working from dawn to setting sun. 

Of quilts I've made quite a few,
And given away to those people I knew.
It gives me a great amount of pleasure, 
Sharing with family and friends.

Trusting they will receive and treasure,
The gifts I put together with love,
With fabric and batting of cotton.
When I am long gone, I trust they'll

Look upon these quilts with their name 
And mine upon the label,
Then hold the quilt in their embrace,
Remembering me with love and grace.


One of the many quilts I've done for babies. 


Susan Scott said...

SO beautiful Ruby! Works of Art and blessed be the recipient and maker. Love your poem too.
Garden of Eden Blog

susan e. schwartz, ph.d., Jungian analyst said...

Very clever way of conveying...
thank you,
Garden of Eden Blog

Mary Rack said...

Very clever! Thanks for visiting my Quetzlcoatl page. I'm about your age with all the grands, great grands, etc. The family keeps growiing and I keep getting busier. Just finishing "Z" for the AtoZ Challeng. Then I can devote all my time to gardening. That requires a lot since I'm a beginner - been too busy with other things most of my life. Mary at Variety, the Spice of Life

Grammy said...

Thank you all so very much. :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful quilt and lovely sentiments.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it beautiful! You master your craft indeed. And you make us discover it with such word mastery! It is a pleasure to come and visit you.
Thank you for your visit!
With great respect!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ruby

Love the poem and the quilt. I'm a quilter too but waste my days working for a crust instead of doing the important things in life, like quilting and gardening. I think you're very brave with theA-Z challenge with using poetry.

Grammy said...

Thank you all

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post and wonderful quilt.
Hope you're keeping well.

Kathleen Mueller said...

How lovely! I wish I were so talented. Recently, I had to stay in a hotel in a tourist destination during "off season", and I was a little nervous being a woman alone and everything. Well, when I checked in, there were all these women at the hotel... they were having a Quilting Convention!!!! I instantly felt so safe, and ended up talking with some of them at various times through the weekend!