Wednesday, April 29, 2015


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One of the most difficult lessons we face in life is that of yielding, or giving over, to another person or situation.

It is an innate characteristic we possess.

It is a lesson we have to learn over and over, from the time we are small children, learning to yield to parents demands, then in school to teachers' demands, and in, oh, so many situations as adults.

To be yielding is often considered to be soft, giving up, docile - yet, it sometimes requires great inner strength to yield or to cede what we hold dear. 

In days of Old in England and France, the days of Kings and Knights, they had jousting tournaments, and other contests of strength and valor. When a knight was bested, he either yielded or was slain. 

We are cautioned, however, about yielding to temptation and are urged to yield our lives to Christ and turn in faith to Him and Saving Grace.



Anonymous said...

I think we call it 'compromise' now in a lot of ain't easy lol. "Yield or be slain" some choice.

Anne Marie Schlueter said...

It is so hard, isn't it?! Only by the grace of God...great post!

Grammy said...

You're right, Delores. Actually, I wasn't really thinking about the situation in the mid-east, but that really applies.

Thanks to you, and Anne Marie!

Sandy said...

I agree, it does take inner strength, and sometimes you have to pick your battles, decide when to yield and when not too.

Sandy at Bridge and Beyond

Grammy said...

When we are called on to choose between death and our faith, it requires true strength and trust. What would we do? I believe that we'd only truly know when faced with the situation.

Anonymous said...

Busy visiting in these last two days of the challenge. Couldn't resist another Grammy. That's what I am called too. I'm a writer and gardener. Enjoyed this post. If you have any energy left, come and see what I've been up to. Congratulations on the blog!