Tuesday, April 7, 2015


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Farewells...a natural part of life. There are all kinds and occasions for saying good-bye. Our lives are full of them, from the time in our life that we can understand the words, until the final time.

One of the interesting things about these occasions is the fact that we never are aware that when we use those words, it could be the last on this earth for them or us.

I was reminded of that fact almost five years ago. My husband, Dubby, and I had just been in Texas for two weeks. I had gotten him settled in the nursing home. I hugged him goodbye and kissed him.

"I'll be back in a week, cause I have to go back to Tennessee and pack up the house to move the furniture and stuff. I love you, Baby!"

When I got back to Texas, I was tired from traveling for two days, so instead of going to see him after I knew he was most likely asleep, I decided to wait till the next morning. 

The next morning, early, we got the phone call that he had gone to be with the Lord during the night. When I talked to his nurse the next week, he told me that Dubby had told him that he was going home that night, meaning home to be with Jesus.

A missed opportunity on my part? I realized he was most likely happier to be where he was than here with me . After all, what a wonderful exchange for him!

As much as I enjoy life, and, believe me, I do, I'm not dreading to say my final farewell. When the body will  refuse to move, with all its aches and pains, when even sleep is interrupted by aches and pains, life becomes difficult.

The final good-bye becomes inevitable. We never know when we are going to be called from this life. Are you prepared to meet The Lord? 


Anonymous said...

You get calmer about it as you get older.

Grammy said...


TnBassPkr said...

I just say " I'll see you later ",. You say farewell if either has not experienced the saving grace of God, because you'll not see one another again

Robyn Proctor Hinkle said...

I'm sorry for the loss of Dubby. I think I'm more at peace about going then I used to be.

Anne Marie Schlueter said...

Thank you for yet another beautiful, inspiring post!

Grammy said...

TnBassPkr, now that I had not heard before, but it makes good sense. I reckon I'll be saying, "See y'all later" then. Thanks.

Robyn, thank you.

Anne Marie, Thank you as well. I do enjoy writing.

Grammy said...

Actually, I was talking about bidding the earthly life a final farewell, but your point is well taken.

Natasha Borah Khan said...

wise words. Yes, we never know if we will get our chance to say goodbye. So I believe we should live everyday with love.
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Grammy said...

Right, Natasha!