Friday, April 3, 2015


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 One of the leading characteristics of Jesus Christ is that of compassion. Dr. Spurgeon, the great evangelist says that when Jesus looked on the sorrows of mankind, his inner being was agitated with deep feelings of pity and compassion. (my translation).

I believe that today's society is deeply lacking in compassion for one another. It is simply easier to condemn or to look the other way when we see situations that could use some sorrow and pity; some understanding could only help.

In the Gospel of Matthew, the phrase, "He was moved with compassion" occurs five times. Each time, Matthew is speaking of Jesus' love and caring for other human beings. 

Think how much sorrow He must feel as He sees the world as it is today. People everywhere still in need of healing, angry with one another, hungry for power, all the way from school children bullying one another to adults killing each other, up to countries that can't get along with one another. 
Even with the advance of modern medicine, electronics, communications, and bigger and better war machines, compassion is still sadly lacking. Go figure! Man is still fallen.

On Sunday, Christians everywhere celebrate Easter, the day when Jesus came back from the death for mankind's sake, after conquering sin and the grave. His heart broke as he hung on the cross. He is still full of compassion for the lost and dying world. Jesus saves!!!


Anonymous said...

Good thing He's not prone to depression because the state this world and mankind's hearts are in would be enough I would think. A very timely post for Good Friday. Very nicely done.

Unknown said...

Beautifully written. Compassion is definitely lacking...I often pray that Jesus would soften my heart and make it like His own. Your words are a gift and a blessing, thank you for allowing yourself to be used by Him! And AMEN, Jesus saves!!! Have a holy Good Friday and a blessed Easter.

Robyn Proctor said...

It's pretty rare to find compassionate people these days. I try and hope that I'm one of those compassionate people. Great post :)

Grammy said...

Thank you all! It took on a different turn as I wrote. Sometimes that happens.