Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Auntie Em

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I, too, like Dorothy, had an Aunt Em. However, we called her "Auntie", but, being Southern Country, we pronounced it as "Ain'ty".

Now, Aunt Emmaline was born back in the 1870's or thereabouts, and wore the long black dresses of that era. I, being born in the 1930's, knew her mostly in the 1940's through the 1950's. 

She was my Mama's aunt, and her daddy's sister. Auntie was a caregiver and "stayed" with people who were ill. She carried a doctor's black bag with her and, I suppose, fancied herself equal pretty much to a doctor. Auntie was a diminutive woman, only about five feet tall, I believe.

Occasionally, Mama would receive a letter bearing tidings of a coming visit from Auntie. 

Auntie had a wry mouth (twisted to one side) and an extra little finger on one hand. Quite often when mealtime was over, she would shake that extra little finger and speaking from that wry mouth, tell a leftover that she was having it for supper. I reckon maybe she was telling us as much as she was the leftover.

When bedtime came, it fell to me to share my bed with her. When she came to visit, I got very little sleep because she sounded like a buzz saw. 

Do you have any "Auntie's" in your acquaintance? 


Delores said...

She sounds like quite the character. Believe it or not I still (at my advanced age) have an Auntie. My moms sister. I remember when she was at my Grandmothers house for an occasion she would always fall asleep at the table. Her husband would say, "There she goes.". The rest of us would carry on eating and talking and eventually she would come to and carry on like nothing had happened.

Grammy said...

Hi, Thanks for that...Isn't it wonderful, the relatives that God gives us... hopefully, we can be the characters for others in our family... I guess I most likely am. Ha ha.

Donna said...

Oh my, yes I have some auntie stories, but too. What a blessing they have been to me through my life. Just stopped by from the A-Z Challenge. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the rest of the alphabet! Have a blessed day!


Spacerguy said...

Where would we be without Auntie? I remember one aunt used bring me for walks literally walking the legs off me! It has to be said that my relations consider Star Trek to be my extended family because I'm always watching it, so I guess I've got plenty aunties in the family.

bobleponge216 said...

What a lady, I suspect most of us have relatives like that somewhere in the family, I suspect I'm lucky not to have met mine, although what stories they have to tell.
Great post.

Cher'ley said...

Fun memories. Cher'ley

Grammy said...

Thank you all for your visits and comments! I appreciate you all!