Saturday, April 18, 2015

Phases and Pastimes

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The major emphasis on our lives is about marriage, raising families, working, etc.  

The minor is on pastimes. What we do with the leisure time is important, too. It fulfills the refreshing, the renewal of self.

Phases. Pastimes. That can be applied to many things. 

I'm choosing to apply them to the creative sections of my life.

In my creative phases were macram√©, pottery and ceramics, Native American and regular storytelling, quilting, rubber stamping creations. 

Mixed in during those years was drawing, painting, and small item crafting. 

I also embroidered and crocheted items. 

Writing stories, blogging, and game playing take up a great deal of time at present. Working jigsaw and crossword puzzles are also lifetime enjoyments. Quilting, of course, cannot be left out.

Reading has been a pleasurable pastime during the last seventy-five years, and I can't forget all the music I have enjoyed, from big band of the 1940's to the music on American Idol and The Voice, along with church music and country music. 

Much can be learned from all these things as well. What I have done as enjoyment, many people earn a living by doing. 

Of course, it stands without reason that I enjoy spending time with family. That is a given.

Wow! Isn't it amazing that there is so much clean stuff to enjoy here on God's Green Earth? 

How very blessed we all are! 

What about your pastimes?


Anonymous said...

It is a blessing isn't it?
Like you my pastimes have gone through phases from embroidery and sewing to creating craft items to knitting ( I knit VERY badly ) to painting with acrylics and oils to blogging and poetry. I also enjoy jumbles and search a words, taking pictures and my grandies of course.

Grammy said...

Wow! Sympatico! We could be twins!

Lisa Mandina said...

I'm a big reader, can't seem to do much else! But writing has started to be a bit of my life lately as well. Great post! If you have time you should stop by and check out my P Post.

Unknown said...

I love cooking, reading, and sleeping!

Grammy said...

Will do, Lisa!

Morgan, those are things I enjoy, as well.