Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Millinery - My Hat's Off to You!

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Millinery - Ladies' hats to you -

A long time ago (before my time of wearing them, by the way) if one wanted to purchase a lady's hat, one went to the millinery shop to obtain it. 

A hat could be ordered made the way one wanted it or it could be purchased ready-made. 

I've always loved hats. Maybe it is because of my stature??? I don't know. I just think they add to one's attractiveness, like a beautiful well-fitted dress or jacket. 

About twenty-five years ago, I began wearing them to church on Sunday morning, and I have continued the custom. Sure, I'm mostly the only one that does, but who cares? Not I. I never minded being the lone person to do something. 

On the bed are most of my Sunday hats, I took the pic while my cat, Bella, was sleeping. Ha.

The second picture is, of course, yours truly at Christmas a couple of years ago. 

Do you have any hats? Do you wear them on Sunday or when? 


Anonymous said...

Oh my...I haven't worn a hat since..let me see now...probably since 1970. I used to wear them to church years ago. Yours look lovely.

Anne Marie Schlueter said...

I love hats, I'd love to get some! Yours are beautiful, as are you!!

Grammy said...

Thank you both! You should try wearing one once in a while when you go to church. You might discover that you really like it. If you like to craft, you can buy a plain white or natural colored hat and decorate it, like I did some of mine.

Joanne said...
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Joanne said...

Love hats too! Have been wearing them in all seasons since college - 20 years ago. I have hats for everyday where, hats to wear to the beach, & hats to wear to the garden. Fun post!

Grammy said...

Hey, Joanne! I have everyday hats as well. I even have a denim rain hat with a plaid ribbon running through eyelets. Thanks for your visit and comments.