Thursday, April 16, 2015

Nap Time, Anyone?

Naps, I'm in favor of them. In fact, hardly a day goes by without my taking a nap on purpose, or one that just happens. My body just shuts down for a few minutes, sometimes.

Hey, I think I feel one coming on right now. I've been sitting here working on a quilt, after a long day.

What? Did something just happen? Oh! Did I just drift off? Sorry !

Well, I'll see you tomorrow . I think maybe I hear my recliner calling me.



Anonymous said...

Oh I'm with you girl. We watch the news at noon...or at least...most of it if you catch my drift.

Anne Marie Schlueter said...


Jennifer Hawes said...

Why do little kids fight naps?? I love them.

Grammy said...

Hi, Delores! Yes I went back to bed at 6 a.m. This morning and rested/slept until 9:30.

Anne, I'll most likely nap again before bed time.

Jennifer, it's because they're young and don't know any better.

Joanne said...

I consider a nap on a Sunday afternoon very relaxing and refreshing. I tend to wake up with a creative thought and I have time to execute it. Happy A to Z

Grammy said...

Oh, yeah, Joanne! A Sunday afternoon nap is an absolute necessity. Right on!