Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Social Media

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Are you a "Tweeter"?  Do you put your face (and other parts of your anatomy) on Facebook?

How "social" are you in relation to web media?

Web media is a useful tool in the right hands. In the wrong hands, however, it can become a weapon.

 As I write this, I'm watching a television show about the growing abuse of web media.

Compared to some seniors my age (and some younger people, in fact) I may be considered quite knowledgeable in its use.

However, I know almost nothing about it compared to what my children and grandchildren know.

There are others who are in school and business that can top what my family members can do.

Like most everything, social media is used for both good, and evil. In the hands of criminals, or malicious people, it has become a disastrous tool.

One doesn't even have to be a user of the internet or social media to feel the abuse created through it by hackers.

Opinions, anyone?



Anonymous said...

I don't use social media outside of blogger/google+.

Grammy said...

I'm afraid I'm guilty of Facebooking...

I played Farmville almost constantly about seven or eight months after my Dubby passed on. It gave me something to help pass the time. Then I just quit the game, but now, I play Criminal Case, and keep in touch with all my widespread family..


Anne Marie Schlueter said...

I'm not super present online, but considering it.

jaybird said...

I am not a fan. Except, of course, for blogging. But I don't have Twitter or Facebook or any other type of social media representation.

Blabbin' Grammy said...

Folks, if it were not be the fact that I have kinfolk all over the country, I most likely wouldn't be a social media-ite.

Anonymous said...

I have a Facebook account to stay in touch with family and a few friends but I don't play games (anymore) on there. I also have a professional Facebook page for my writing and for my card business. And I have Twitter for my writing but don't check it often.

Grammy said...

Hi Susan, I only play Criminal Case on FB now, as far as games go. I have lots of friends back in TN that I keep in touch with via FB, as well as family.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

It brings out the best and worst in people since one can be anonymous and not face repercussions.

Grammy said...

Right you are, Alex... I always try to be kind with whatever I write, and funny, of course. :)