Monday, March 9, 2009

Update on the Update

Hey, Y'all,

Imazo has had her gall bladder surgery and is in her room recovering. She did very well, and is happy to have it over with. The surgeon was able to do the operation laporiscopically, so that was a good thing. She very likely will be able to return home tomorrow. I hope to be able to visit with her after my eye appointment tomorrow.

Jeff and Peggy were able to be with her this afternoon and evening. In fact, I just finished talking to Peggy and Imazo. Imazo sounded really good, and Peggy said she was looking a lot better.

My neighbors just left a few minutes ago, and we had a really great time (as usual), and look forward to next week. We played dominos and had a fun time laughing.

I will soon be able to really start putting together the quilt I am working on. I got all the wonder-under ironed on to the flowers for the squares this afternoon. My dishes are washing in the dishwasher and I only have a few pots to handwash.

Well, that is about it for today. I am thinking bed will sound good after while. No sleepy time today; I didn't even feel like a nap today. I like it when I don't get sleepy during the day. This is Blabbin' Grammy sgning off for now. Bye, Y'all.

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