Thursday, March 12, 2009

Update again

Hey, Y'all,

Well, I didn't go into Knoxville today, but I have talked with Imazo. She is not feeling too well today, and is not arguing with her doctor about going home yet. She told him that she didn't feel like going home today when he came in to see her this morning. She is rather short of breath, and still having occasional chilling. It is my opinion that perhaps she has been running a low grade fever. Imazo told me this afternoon that she has been feeling kind of sick at her stomach and light-headed.
A therapist came in to see her this morning and took her for a walk down to the nurses' station and the doctor has told her that she would be transferred soon to the transitional unit for therapy so she can get back on her feet.

I did go out this morning to do a little shopping and have been back for a few hours. I will be making pizza sauce tonight to use tomorrow evening making supper for Gramps' sister, Bonnie, his neice, Donna and her husband, L.D. Today is Bonnie's 80th birthday. (Happy Bitthday, Bonnie Jean).

Gramps was up wandering around last night and tells me that he got lost in the house and went outside for a few minutes. I am not sure if this is true or not, but I certainly hope it is not. We have no lights on at night outdoors, and I am pretty sure that he is just confused. I have 3 night lights through out the house, and it makes it pretty light inside. We only have four rooms in the house, plus the bathroom. I guess I am going to have to put some kind of locks on the doors to keep him from going out. We already have two locks on each door. Maybe one of those locks that you slide the lock into the slot would be good to use. The only door that has really concerned me is the door to the basement.

I have posted a picture of each side of the quilt that I am making for my grandson, Will (B.J.), and of course, it has not been put together yet. I like to lay out the pieces in the floor before I start assembling a quilt. I have yet to do the applique stitches around each flower, but at least I know how I want to put the quilt together. I will post a finished picture of each side when it is finally finished.

Well, I have rested awhile so I need to get up and get busy. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for now. Hope each of you has a good night's rest and a great day tomorrow. Bye for now.Love to you all.


Tanya said...

your quilt is coming along very nicely. Way to go :)

Judy said...

Your quilt is just going to be beautiful. Lucky guy! That is kind of scary about gramps saying he went outside. I hope it is not true, too. TN said...

I love the quilt. that is a lot of work. The owner is going to be so proud, I'm sure. I hope Gramps didn't get outside. Don't you think he dreamed it or just thought he had been out side? I hope so. Take care and don't work too hard!

azdarlene said...

You are so talented. The quilt is looking exceptional beautiful. That is going to be one lucky grandson. I now it is alot of work doing that stuff, but it is well worth it. Hope Gramps slept better last night, no going outside or thinking he did. hahaha!!!
Hope Imazo is getting better also, Love to all,

Serbian Mink said...

Very purty, Tia!

I done wrote a new blog....have a peek!