Monday, March 23, 2009

A New First!

Hey, Y'all,
Well, You know that we have many firsts in a lifetime, and I have had a lot of them. First day of school, first crush on a boy (happened in first grade-a whole 'nother story there), first kiss (second grade), first dog encounter, first story that I ever wrote, first lie, first time to perform in front of people, first child, first time in a hospital, ....well , you get the idea.

Today, I had another first. I went to the eye surgeon who did my zapping of my right eye a couple of weeks ago with a laser. He was to do a checkup on it. He had four charming young people who were apparently studying to become eye doctors. They each had a turn looking at my eyes through the little gizmo that they use that has a light on it. He told me that I had epitheliel cells kind of clumped together on my left lens that was implanted eight years ago, and that he could easily scrape them off, and it would clear up my vision in that eye. He also said that the right eye which he had zapped a couple of weeks ago was doing fine.

He said, "I can do it for you right now, if you like". Well, I didn't see any reason why he couldn't so I said, "go ahead". He put a little spring like thing under my eyelids to hold them open so that if I blinked, it wouldn't close. He numbed my eye, and then proceeded to use a little tool to scrape away the bumpy lumps of cells. Then he removed the spring, and put in a contact lens to cover the area that he had scaped. So, I am now wearing one contact lens....a new first for me.

I was joking around with him and told him how I like puns so he told me one.
The eye doctor's nurse told the doctor, you have an invisible man in the office who wants you to look at his eye. The doctor said, "Sorry, I can't see him". ha ha.

While waiting to see the doctor, one is called from the front waiting area, taken to a little room where the eyesight is checked using the eye chart, then taken to another waiting area to wait to be called to actually see the doctor. Of course, there are always a bunch of people in both areas. I find it interesting to talk to those that want to talk. Those people waiting this morning had come from many different directions. Some were from Greeneville, some from Virginia, some from Johnson City, and from many different vocations.

One lady was talking about belonging to a senior citizens group of Greeneville, TN, and she does ballroom dancing. line dancing, and other kinds of dancing in those groups. I know she must have been close to my age (she wasn't telling), and she has had corneal transplants. Another gentleman had a corneal transplant last Thursday, and he is a construction worker, and is about to go nuts because he can't really see well yet out of that eye. I gave him a paperback book that I had with me, so he would have something to do with his time at home.

There was another lady who went to college at the age of 46 and is teaching now in an alternative school. She and her 26 year old son graduated together from college, and he is also in teaching. So many interesting people that I saw while there. And then there was a young woman who was attached to her cell phone and was playing computer games on it. She probably will never know the joys of reading.

I left there with an appointment for next Monday to have the dr. check my left eye, and a prescription of eyedrops, and a contact lens on my left eye. That's about it for today. I need to stop and work on readying my home for my Monday night guests. I always look forward to having them come. Tonight's menu: 15-bean soup, fresh kale greens, boiled white potatoes, meat loaf, and cornbread muffins. Yum.

This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for the day. Love to all of you, my readers. Bye for now.


Judy said...

Grammy, You are probably the only person on earth that goes to a doctor's office and has as much fun as you do. You never cease to amaze me at how you enjoy life and meeting people and socializing. I know everyone that meets you loves you! I love the pictures below. I can always tell which one is you because you still look just like you did when you were young. Your dinner sounds so good.

Grammy said...

Dear Judy,
thanks for the really neat comments! You are quite right...I love meeting people and finding out about them and what they do. Yes, unfortunately, I have not changed in looks (much) over the years, at least feature-wise, just a bit rounder. Ha.
We had a great time last evening.

azdarlene said...

Ruby you are a people person. You do enjoy meeting people everywhere you go. I have met people like that and become good friends. We never quit having A NEW FIRST. That is what keeps our lives going and exciting.
Enjoy reading your blogs.
Love you
Darlene and Mark