Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy Birthday, Norma Jean!

Hey, Y'all,

Monday, the 23rd is the 70th birthday of my niece, Norma Jean. She is the daughter of my oldest brother, Bill, and his (now) widow, Mae. She is also the first grandchild of my parents. She was born when I was only five years old, and so I have known her all her life. People say she looks a lot like me, and if that is true, then it is very complimentary to me, because she is a beautiful lady, both inside and out.

I will be posting some pictures of her with my family at the top of this entry. Norma and her husband had one child, Cynthia, who is the spitting image of Norma, and a grandchild, Courtney, who is the spitting image of both Norma and Cynthia. (Wonder where that expression -spitting image- came from?)
I regret to say that I have no pictures to post of Cynthia and Courtney. Norma has a brother, Fred, who is a very important member, too, of our family, along with his family. Fred is younger than Norma, and has two children and lots of grandchildren.

Norma and Fred have been a close part of our family growing up, and being only 5 years younger than I, Norma and I kind of grew up together. Happy Birthday, Norma Jean, we love you.

Imazo is continuing to feel better, I think, and was able to go to the beauty shop yesterday. Her grandson, Tom, took her and then took them both to the Cracker Barrel for breakfast afterwards and then Tom spent some time visiting with her at home. Isn't it wonderful how good grandchildren can make us feel? We appreciate them so very much. I have no grandchildren that live close to me, but I do kind of get to grandmother my neighbor's children. I have really missed having grandchildren to live nearby.

I will be taking Imazo to the her family doctor on Wednesday for a checkup. She says she has got to be feeling better by then. Kind of like a person feels they have to clean the house before the housekeeper comes to clean it. She may fear the doctor will give her more medicine to take if she is not feeling up to snuff by then. She really hates taking medicine and makes no bones about it.

Tomorrow, I will be going to the eye surgeon who zapped my right eye with a laser about two weeks ago. He will be checking it to see how his handiwork succeeded.

I have been clipping threads on the quilt today in preparation for pressing the seams open. I should soon be actually quilting it together. Yippee! I always get excited when it gets to that part of the quilt. I will be putting the "quilting foot" on the machine and then = off I go! I expect that I will be finished with it in about a month. (I am not a very fast worker, because I take a lot of pains with my work).

This afternoon, I knew I really needed to go to the grocery store (Wal-mart) and so, I did....then came back and made sandwiches for Gramps and myself from some chicken breast that I had cooked and frozen a couple of weeks ago. Fresh bread, a cheese slice, chopped chicken, and Miracle Whip, made a really great sandwich.

Yesterday for supper, I used some of the chicken to make a salad. I chopped some green onions, added some raisins, some chopped pecans, some mayo, and mixed it all together with the chopped chicken, and put it on top of some romaine lettuce hearts, put some grape tomatoes around the edge of the salad bowl, then sliced a boiled egg and placed that on top and we had a wonderful salad for supper.

Pictures above: (1) Fred, Norma, and John (My brother)
(2) Back row: My brother Hugh, Our sister, Margaret, our brother, Bill ,(Fred and Norma's Dad)
Front row: Our brother John, Norma, and Me.
(3) Mae and Norma
(4) John, Norma, and Me. The only persons from these pictures still living are Mae, Norma, Fred and Me.

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