Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Scammed! (Not ME)

Hey, Y'all,
I called my sister-in-law, Mae, yesterday afternoon and was told by her that she had been scammed and that she couldn't talk at the moment because her son, Fred, and a neighbor were there at her house. No word at the time as to how it had happened. Talk about stirring up one's curiosity and then saying "I can't talk now"...I was curious for sure.

I waited as long as I could before calling back (about 2 hours) and when I did, she told me this story:
A man knocked on the back door, and told her that he was going to open a new business on Broadway, and was trying to drum up some customers. He had a large piece of a roll of linoleum to show her a sample of his stock. He also told her that he was a Christian and belonged to a local Baptist Church (even gave her the name of a church).

She opened the door for him and he brought in the linoleum unrolled, and unbeknownst to her, his accomplice came in behind the linoleum and went into her bedroom. She stood there talking to the man for some time, and near the end of the time, she saw the head of this other guy as he was coming into the kitchen from her hedroom. She still did not know he had been in her bedroom. The guy she had been talking to said, Oh, this is my employee that I am training to help put down the linoleum. He also told her that he was having cards printed up and would leave one in her door next week so that she could come down and look at all their products.

They had been driving a blue van but it had no markings on the side that she could tell. Well, she locked the door and went on back into her living room, watched some television, and then decided to go to bed. She always takes decorator pillows off her bed and lays them on the dresser. She did that task and then went to bed. When she got up the next morning (yesterday), she was putting the decorator pillows back on the bed and noticed that the lid on her jewelry chest was slightly up and knew she had not left it that way. Then she noticed her silverware chest that she keeps on a desk near the jewelry armoire was gone. She began investigating and discovered jewelry was missing.

She called the police and they sent detectives out to investigate. They could not find any full fingerprints, only partials, because the man had been careful to only touch knobs on the drawers. She was heartsick because many of the things taken were given to her by her deceased husband (my brother, Bill) and by her children. We feel she is blessed that she did not discover what they were doing when they were there, because the possibility is great that they would have hit her over the head or knocked her down, or injured her in some way.

Today, Gramps and I went into Knoxville and I left him with Mae at her house and went on to pick up Imazo and take her to her family doctor's office for her checkup. He told her that she seems to be right on target for recovery from her surgery, and advised her to stop taking a baby aspirin, because once we hit eighty years of age, we don't need to take the aspirin any more, because by that age the blood is thin enough. I aaid,, "Good, that means I only have 4 more years to take a baby aspirin. " ha.
He also told her that it will take a little while longer for her to really feel like eating normally again. He also told her that it really bothers him that they couldn't save Hugh.

After we got througb at the doctor's office, we went by and picked up Mae and Gramps and went to eat at the Cracker Barrel. (of course).

My left eye is bothering me a little where the doctor scraped it on Monday, and where the contact lens is in place over the scraped area. I am putting the eye drop in four times a day that he prescribed. It is composed of a steroid and an antibiotic. My eye is not red and does not look irritated. My vision is blurry in that eye, and in order to read, right now, I am using a magnifying glass to avoid strain. I must read - it is a necessity.

I also took Imazo to get her annual mammogram done after we had eaten our lunch. Then I dropped her off at her house, and went by Mae's to visit with her for awhile and to pick up Gramps (I had dropped them off at Mae's after lunch so that they could relax instead of sitting in the car and waiting for us to be through at the women's health center).

So, we are back home now, and I plan to sew on Will's quilt tomorrow, beginning early in the morning. I am now ready to actually begin the quilting. Yeah, I know, I should have already started that part, but I am a procrastinator.

That is about it for today. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for today. Bye for now. Love to all of you, my dear readers.


Barbara said...

Ruby, thank God Mae is allright. That is so scary,there are so many bad people out there, we can't trust anyone, and that is so sad that the world has come to this, I talked to Imazo awhile ago, and told her Joann and I are coming up from Cleveland Fri.Not sure about Dorothy yet. Have a great evening.

azdarlene said...

Ruby, I am thankful that Mae is ok, it could have been worse. she needs to be careful and I guess after this episode she will. We are just glad she is safe and ok.
Glad Imazo is getting better, I talked to her on sunday and she sounded better.
Love to all,
Darlene and Mark

Judy said...

Oh my goodness, Grammy, I just cannot believe all the stuff going on in the world today. Who would have thought about somebody selling rugs and robbing the house! I am so glad she is o.k. I am to the point I don't go to the door much anymore especially if I am home by myself. This is just awful. I hope they find those people. She is really lucky she was not hurt.