Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Matter of Respect

Hey, Y'all,
I know it has been a couple of days since I have posted, but I have been kind of busy. Yesterday morning, I went into Jefferson City to have blood work done in preparation for a visit to my family doctor in a couple of weeks. A very nice young man took my blood for the tests, and took my blog address in anticipation of reading my blog. Unfortunately, I didn't get his name, but he was very gentle with me in getting my blood, and got the blood with the first stick.

After the doctor's office, I dropped off some prescriptions to be filled and then went on to Burger King and had a croissant and coffee, then proceeded on to buy a few groceries. I then headed on home, and on my way, as I drew near the local funeral home that was on the other side of the highway, I saw a funeral procession starting out coming my way.

We have a custom in the south of stopping and pulling over to the side of the road when a funeral procession is headed our way. It is a matter of respect for the death of a person, and respect for their families and friends in their sorrow. As I pulled over to the shoulder of the road, I could almost feel their sorrow, and my eyes filled with water and rolled down my cheeks. This is the first time I have felt such an emotional pull for someone I didn't even know. It must be because of the loss of the last three of my siblings during the past fourteen months. All the cars on my side of the road did just as I did, and pulled over to a stop on the shoulder of the highway. It is just a matter of respect, and I am glad that we do so.

This morning I was up early and had breakfast, then began working on the quilt I am doing for my grandson, Will (also known as B.J.). I have worked on various parts of it all day long, off and on. I have been putting wonder-under on the flowers that I will be appliqueing onto the squares. I've used all the wonder-under that I had, and still have another 20 to do. I have also been cutting the squares to the precise size that I need them to be (a really tough job).

Gramps finally decided to get up around 5 p.m. after spending most of the day in bed. I let him stay as long as he wanted, but finally got him up and fixed a breakfast for our supper and his only meal today. He is in the living room reading his Bible now, and I am in here trying to catch up on my blog, and am simmering pizza sauce in the kitchen for our pizza tomorrow that we are taking to Knoxville to spend some time with Imazo and Mae. I am also watching American Idol (actually listening more than watching). The dishes are being washed in the dishwasher. So a lot is going on right now.

I guess I may vacuum out my car either tomorrow or Saturday, (probably Saturday), and also need to sweep out the carport and clean the winter clutter out of it.

I talked to Imazo yesterday and she told me her sister, Lois, who is in Ohio, is not in the nursing home any more, but is in an assisted living facility. She is not using her wheel chair much, but is using her walker to get around as much as possible. The therapist who is working with Lois has really helped her a lot, and is a dedicated therapist. We are so glad that he is working with her so well, and that she is better.

To Clara in TN....Thanks for the recipe for your apple dumplings in the comments of Tuesday's blog! I will try that one, and it really looks delicious! I always love to try new recipes. It is a lot simpler than mine. I printed it off so I will have it to take into the kitchen instead of having to run back in and check it on the computer.

Well, I want to do some more square cutting this evening, so that is it for now. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for today. Love to you all. Bye for now.


Tanya said...

I too think it is a good thing that people pull over for a funeral procession.

Serbian Mink said...

not just done in the South, Ruby.

seems to be done ubiquitously in the U.S.

cops stop all traffic in downtown Tucson for funeral processions.

South is the only place I've known that has funerals on Sunday, however.