Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Manic Monday

Hey, Y'all,
Yesterday was still a hurtsville day, with the pain in my sawdust not really abated so much. I was able to get up and get ready for my eye appointment. Mark came to take me to Morristown for that. We got there about 10:20 for my 10:30 appointment. Earlier in the morning (at home) I had attempted to make the appointment for the ultrasound to be done at the local hospital.

The doctor who saw me at the emergency room had written a prescription for the ultrasound to be done. It had a number at the bottom of the prescription that I was to call for an appointment. Unfortunately, because the lady who answered the phone did not have the prescription in hand (her hand), she could not make the appointment. It seems that since all the St. Mary's and Baptist facilities are now connected, all the booking for out-patient services have to be booked centrally. Well, duh! She said, "If you could just fax the prescription order to me, then I can make the appointment for you."

Well, now, I didn't feel like sitting there and arguing with her. I told her I just didn't have my fax machine hooked up right now (actually, I don't have one), but the lady didn't need to know that. I told her that I would call the local hospital and see what they could do.

I then called the local hospital and explained the problem. It apparently is a new procedure that they are just getting used to. I talked to the lady who is head of registration at our local hospital and she said she would get back to me. She did get back to me after I was at the eye doctor's office. She apologized to me for all the trouble I had in getting the appointment, and told me that the doctor had written a new prescription and faxed it to the central booking. I called them while still there waiting to see the eye doctor and they booked the appointment for me.

While at home before leaving for the eye appointment, I called the doctor who was to see me for the examination prior to surgery (possible surgery that is) and was "worked in" for an appointment on Friday of this week. I really appreciated being given the appointment that quickly.

While at my eye doctor's appointment yesterday, I only saw him for about 3 minutes, when he put a drop in my eye to moisten it, then he took a pair of tweezers and lifted the contact lens from my eye. Voila~ that was it. He took out his little pocket recorder and made recorded notes. He shook my hand and sent me to the check out counter, where they gave me an appointment card for three weeks hence. For that 3 minute appointment, I had waited more than two hours. Shazam!

Friends here at home have been wonderful in taking care of Gramps and me. They have been providing food and comfort, and prayers as well. I thank you for the prayers coming our way from you all who are my readers.

I was able to eat small meals yesterday, and was able to sleep last night without any pain medication. I only took one hydrocodone yesterday around 3 p.m., and am thankful for that.

This morning, I was up at 8:30 a.m. and expect to maybe be feeling better by this afternoon. I still feel a little sleepy and may even go back to bed awhile. My apologies to those who called my phone last afternoon and evening and got no answer. I just didn't feel like moving. In preparation for my ultrasound tomorrow, I am supposed to drink 32-40 ounces of fluid within an hour and a half before the appointment and not void. I guess I won't be taking my lasix pill tomorrow. ha.

This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for now. Love to all of you. Thanks again for the prayers...there can never be too many. Bye for now.


Clara....in TN said...

Oh what a day. I've been there and done that! I hope everything will be O.K. now. Take care of yourself.

Serbian Mink said...

Tia G,

so sorry you are in pain...good you are not allergic to codeine, as I am. at least you can buffer the hurt for periods of time...keep us informed.
we care.
love, a

Judy said...

Good luck with your appointment. I totally understand days like you had and sitting for hours for a 15 minute appt. Take care, keep us informed and we are thinking of you and praying for you. Love, Judy

Mom B said...

My thanks to those who help you...it's hard to be so far away in Texas, but God, thankfully, provides care where ever He has us, and I have to just trust Him with that. I guess the world CAN revolve without Carol to direct it! :-)
The kids all send their love and prayers.

azdarlene said...

Ruby, thankgoodness you got to the emergency room and not wait to see if the pain would go away. I'm glad they are doing something about it and you are feeling a little bit better. It is good to have neighbors and friends to help when you need them. Thank them from your family that can't be there because of distance.
Take care and let us know how you are doing,
Love you,
Darlene and Mark

Julia Bennett said...

Praying for you. Love you tons.

- Andrew, Julia & Alyssa