Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Still Improving

Hey, Y'all,
I just got back from Knoxville, where I saw Imazo, after having had my right eye lasered to break up the secondary membrane that was growing and covering the lens that had been replaced during cataract surgery in 2001. Hopefully, my vision will improve soon.

Any time I drive to West Knoxville, it is always an adventure. Today was no exception. I was to go out 1-40 and exit onto I-140 (Pellisippi Parkway) then exit from I-140 onto Kingston Pike. Well, I just politely passed the (confusing) exit and as soon as I did, I just kept going and exited onto the next exit, turned left and went on to finally make a left onto Kingston Pike. So, I made it okay, and probably a lot easier than if I had taken the Pellisippi exit.

I had no problem then and made it into the proper building and checked in, and of course had paperwork to fill out. The actual appointment took no more than a few minutes and then I was out of there.

When I left there, I went on to the hospital and visited with Imazo. She was looking much better than when I last saw her. She told me both her doctors told her today that she would probably be going home tomorrow. I brushed her hair for her, and told her she was safe because I didn't bring my camera today to take her picture. ha.

Imazo had had a lot of company this morning. Her neice, Wanda, came to visit her this morning. She had also had several others to visit. Her heart monitor has been taken off, but she is still using oxygen, and the IV has been taken off. She was also able to get up to clean up this morning. She is not eating a lot, but she is eating what she feels like eating, and of course, still has some soreness.

I arrived back home to find that Gramps had been up and eaten, then went back to bed. I plan on working on Will's quilt some more this afternoon. I am ready to put the flowers on the quilt blocks and will do so today. It is exciting to be ready to actually put it together and see it grow.

Well, that is about it for today. Thank you for all the prayers on Imazo's behalf. I know that many have been going up for her. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for now. Bye, Y'all.


Barbara said...

Hi Ruby,Thanks for keeping us up to date on imazo.I talked to her
severals times today. she sounds
good.She says she going home tomorrow.

Judy said...

I went back and read your posts on Imazo. I am so glad she is o.k. I had that same surgery several years ago and came home the same day. I was so sore for a week that if I got down I could not get up and vice versa but had no pain and ate dinner that night! Hope she continues to improve and hope your sight gets better, too.