Thursday, March 26, 2009

I Met A Man Who...

Hey, Y'all,
Yesterday when I took Imazo to see her family doctor, I met a man who was quite an interesting character. I wss sitting in the waiting room, and a seat was left between me and a lady who looked quite worried. (Natural expression in a doctor's office to have).
Then a man came up and began talking to her (her husband, I figured out) and asked if I would hit him if he sat down beside me. I said, "Oh, no more than three times, I guess," and laughed.

He sat down and almost immediately began his story. He told me he had just gotten out of Vanderbilt hospital where they had been checking him over. He then proceeded to tell me why. He had brain surgery in October where they had removed part of his brain. (Of course, I wondered which part, but he didn't say). He told me that when he was born, the doctor delivered him with forceps and they were the wrong kind and had gone into one of his temples when he was delivered.

When he was about four years old, he began having seizures and they thought he was epileptic. He told me that people made fun of him, especially at school. He also said he began working at age sixteen, bagging groceries at the Cas Walker store, and worked for the grocery store for a long time. (Anyone who lived in Knoxville knows who Cas Walker was, and that he became wealthy and even entered the fileld of politics, and became mayor of Knoxville in his later years. )

The man (I didn't get his name) continued to tell me that he was born in 1950 and that he worked before retiring in a school cafeteria, cleaning, and shelving canned foods and staples for the cooks. He also told me about the fact that he had (before the surgery) static electricity that moved from one side of hs head to the other that was causing the seizures. He told me he hadn't had any seizures since the surgery last year. There were many other things he said while we talked. (He did most of the talking, and I just listened. ) Isn't it wonderful what we can hear, if only we give others a chance to talk?

They were there at the doctor's office to get some kind of help on Tenn Care. They were being taken off the Tenn Care program. The nurse told them what they would need to do in order to meet the requirements.

I consider that Gramps and I are surely blessed after hearing problems that other couples have.

We are planning on going into Knoxville tomorrow morning and spend some time with Imazo and Mae, and Imazo's sisters who are planning on coming into Knoxville for a while. Tomorrow is our weekly 'Movie Friday' and we plan to have a really good time. My left eye seems to be doing okay. The contact lens is bothersome, and I can hardly wait for the doc to remove it. I am using a magnifying glass to read my books.

This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for the evening. Love to all of you, dear readers and more tomorrow. Bye for now.


Judy said...

You have more fun at the doctor's office than anybody I ever heard of! Tomorrow is Friday and I love the fish at the Cracker Barrel on Fridays. Think we might just head on down there! Have a good weekend. TN said...

I have met some wonderful people at the Dr's office. One of them calls me every week.