Saturday, April 23, 2011

Thinkin' All the Time

Hey, Y'all,
Well, today's topic is Thinkin' All the Time. Ya' see, I like to say that about myself when I make a joke about something someone has just said. I'm bad or good about that. I know that people have different ways of listening, and my way of listening is very visual. I visualize as people are talking about things and see what they are saying and sometimes I visualize what they are not saying. I see a picture of one of the words they use as something different. It is a little difficult to explain. Then I make a joke about the picture of one of the words they used but they didn't mean the word to be used that way. (Does this make sense to you, or do I sound nutsy? ha)

Then I try to explain it to them and sometimes they "get" it, and sometimes I think they just pretend to get it. Then I tap my head and say, "I'm thinkin' all the time," and laugh. 

I don't know about other people's thought processes, I only know about mine and always assumed that other people thought in the same way as I, until a few years ago, when I began realizing that people just didn't get it, when I made jokes, especially about something in what they had just said. I view life in a  humorous way a lot of times, not always funny but just kind of quirky and I suppose am surprised when others fail to see that quirkiness. We always had a lot of laughter in our house as I grew up. 

My dad had a wonderful sense of the everyday fun in life, and was forever joking around with mom. He would walk into the kitchen and pull on her apron strings, untying them. She would say, "Jim Campbell, you quit that!" and he would get her to laugh. My sister and I would laugh about just about anything, and my brother, John, and I would make jokes and silly stuff. My brother, Hugh, was always good for making jokes, too. My two older brothers were so much older than I, that I didn't really know them much growing up but I know they loved a good laugh as well. 

As usual this topic turned itself around and became different than what I intended it to be. Anyway, just to let you know, I see what you are saying, literally, when you speak, and it helps me to  understand you. Because, even as you speak, I am "thinkin' all the time" and visualizing in mental pictures.

When you say "I mislay my glasses all the time" I may see you putting down glasses of water or milk, and forgetting where they are, or I could see you putting down your eyeglasses, which is what you really meant. Maybe that is the artist in me. Who knows? 

Well, this is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for today. Much love to each of you, my friends and family. Bye for now. More later.


welcome to my world of poetry said...

Wonderful post Ruby, I always think about the good things thatg has happened in my life, why dwell on the not so good.

Have a wonderful week-end and a joyus Easter.

Elaine in Florida said...

Ruby..I've been away for a while so I haven't been keeping up with your posts on a daily basis. My sister passed away, so I was out-of-pocket (picture me climbing out of a pocket ;0)!! I will catch up on your past issues starting today. Have a wonderful Easter holiday!!

Grammy said...

Hi, you all,
Thanks, Yvonne for your comments and wishes, and Elaine, I'm so sorry about your sister, I know how very much you will miss her. Yes, the climbing out of a pocket is funny! Happy Easter to you and to Yvonne!
Love, Ruby

Penned Pebbles said...

I think it's the artist in you, cause I do it too. I often have to bite my tongue quite hard because this phenomena hits really strong during very serious discussions.

Wishing you a glorious Resurrection Sunday!

Ocean Girl said...

You are so much fun and now I can see why. There is a person and there is a person with character. The person with character will always look for the character in the other person and the other person will have to take time to understand what the one with character is doing. I have think on what I am saying :)

Happy farming Ruby.