Friday, April 15, 2011

Milestones and Memories

Hey, Y'all,
Well, now, I'm about to wax philosophical on you, cause I'm going to talk about milestones and memories. You know, I was thinkin' the other day about how many "firsts" there are in each of our lives and the memories they evoke when we think about them. Of course, it is because we come into this world a new individual and there are so many things to learn because we never before experienced them.

The first breath we take
The first cry
The first laugh....well, you get the idea (although when we often think it is the first smile of our child, another adult says, "Oh, he (she) just has gas." ha ha.
The first steps
The first day to fall when taking tentative steps
The first day of kindergarten
The first spanking (that better take place before kindergarten or else teacher won't be so happy to see Junior) I remember the first time I saw Carol spank my oldest grandchild, I cried (same thing happened when I saw him spank my oldest great grand - they both needed it though) Yes, I believe in spanking. 

Then there is one's first romantic kiss with someone of the opposite gender
The first time to make love
The first time to have a child
The first time an individual realizes he (she) is a sinner 
The acceptance of Jesus as Savior (the most important milestone)

Buying homes
Moves we make from one place to another
Learning skills
Losses of loved ones
A lot of the milestones that we have are not necessarily "firsts" but repeats, like bearing children.

You can probably think of a lot more that you have had, but the point I am trying to make here is that each person's milestones that make memories are different but have similarities because we are, after all, all human beings with our foibles, failings, and hopes. The news is made up of reporting of those foibles, failings, and hopes. 

Just now, I saw where a man outside a store saw a woman coming out, put a knife to her throat and grabbed her purse. She held on to the purse and he dragged her fifty feet across the pavement and finally got the purse. She had lost her job three weeks ago. She demanded her keys back and he threw them at her and took off. He got away with her laptop, cell phone and 200 dollars she had saved up working three other jobs. She said she was so afraid but angry too. They are hoping to identify the man from the security tapes that caught the robbery. I am sure she won't be forgetting all that.

My blog is composed mostly of the milestones in my life, and the memories they have made. One reason I share them is so my family will have a record of them. What are some milestones you have had in your life? 

This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for now. Much love to each of you, my friends and family. Bye for now. More later.


welcome to my world of poetry said...

As I read this Ruby I was going down Memory Lane also. Great post for M,


Marjorie said...

A lovely post as always. That is a shame about the woman who got robbed. I hope it all works out for her.

Penned Pebbles said...

What a wonderful legacy to leave for your family! And I hope they'll catch that guy!

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

I love that your incentive for doing this blog is to leave a legacy of memories to your family. What a wonderful treasure! You're right about the milestones. The first grandchild is a big one, and each other grandchild is just as big. Repetitive miracles.

Mom B said...

Good blog, Mom! We plan on making a lot of memories with you here!!

LuAnn Schindler said...

What a heartfelt post! So many memories...

I hope the police identify and apprehend the person who stole the lady's purse. Such a terrible experience.


Manzanita said...

Living with memories. You are so lucky to have the old photos. They're the best.

Margaret Hall said...

With all your memories and your milestones, Grammy, I wish that you would concise them into a BOOK! What a great best-seller it would be...Your wisdom and your caring is so well apparent in your thoughts on the page...I am sure that your family meant the world to you and YOU to the family and all that come in contact with you, such as us bloggers~!! THANKS for sharing your heart on this site...
Hugs, again, my friend...♥