Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Running Around Some More

Hey, Y'all,
Day before yesterday, I decided I wanted a waffle maker, and went to Big Lots (a discount store- for those of you who are not familiar with them) on my way home from the doctor's office. After looking for awhile, I finally found a flip Belgian waffle maker. The waffle iron rests on a stand and you open it, pour the mixture in, flip it 180 degrees counter-clockwise, and when it is ready, the ready light on the back of it comes on, and you flip it back over, and open it.

You are supposed to have spray oil to spray on it, so the waffles won't stick (even though it is a non-stick surface), or a pastry brush to spread oil on it. Well, I didn't have the spray oil or the pastry brush, so I tried doing the oil with a paper towel. It didn't work this morning (I opened the box this morning and removed the waffle Iron). I decided I would go out this afternoon (after wasting my morning - kind of - I did do the sheets on my bed in the laundry, and emptied the dishwasher of the dishes we used last night when Carol, Daryl and Emily came to supper) and do some shopping.

I headed for the Glade Road shopping area near the freeway, but stayed off the freeway, of course. I stopped at the bank to cash a refund check (aren't they nice to get?) and went on to Target. I wanted to find some denim skirts, and what do you know? They told me that they didn't have any denim anything except for blue jeans. Can you believe it? I went on by the access road to Walmart, and they didn't have any denim stuff except for blue jeans either. HA! I did get some spray oil for the waffle maker though.

By the way, when I tried to do the waffles on the waffle maker this morning, what a mess! The stuff stuck to each part of the waffle iron and when I got it pried loose, it was a globby mess. Oh, well, better luck in the morning. If at know how that goes.

I did stop at Chick fil a at Glade Road before I headed out to Walmart, however, and had a spicy chicken sandwich and wowee! You talk about hot spicy sandwiches, that was one. I had to have some water to follow the small chocolate shake I got to go with the sandwich. I love spicy foods, but they don't actually do my digestion any favors. Ha. I have paid for the sandwich this afternoon, but will probably have another when I have the chance. We fools never learn, do we? It will be cereal for supper tonight.

You know, back home in East Tennessee, I was always seeing people I knew and stopping to talk and "how are you doing?' and catching up on life in their lane. Well, out here, I haven't had the opportunity of knowing the people in this area (there are a lot more people living around here) but that doesn't stop me from talking to them. Ha. In fact, this afternoon, I stopped in the aisle to get the spray oil and spoke to a lady who was deliberating over whether to get a large can of solid Crisco. We got to talking about things and she told me that her husband had died when she was thirty years old. I had told her that I use Olive oil and that it lasted me a long time. We must have stood there talking for about fifteen minutes and when we parted we wished each other well and God Bless.

Now, will I know her the next time I see her? Probably won't remember her, but we passed a few pleasant minutes and reaffirmed our faith in God's taking care of us through the years There is always something pleasant that can happen if we are ready to let it happen, isn't there?

Last evening I had Carol and Daryl and granddaughter, Emily, come to supper here. I had cooked a beef roast in the crock pot, boiled some irish potatoes, fried some okra, fixed some broccoli and made some cornbread. It was really good and it was really great to have them here for supper. Now I have some leftovers for a meal tomorrow.

Folks, that is about it for today. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for today. Much love to each of you, my friends. Bye for now. More later.


Ellen aka Ella said...

Wow, you are busy! Try Bisquick, recipe on the back. It takes some practice, but you'll get there!

Glad you are out and about; I also love spicy, but it doesn't always love me~ xXx

welcome to my world of poetry said...

You are the busy one, hope your waffles turn out ok.
It's a good way to make new friends by just giving a person a smile,

Have fun Ruby.

Barbara said...

Ruby,do they have any Goodwills stores there.this pass summer Dorothy and I was looking for denim shirts,there wasn't any in the stores.we went to a Goodwill here in Clevland,and found some.She got short sleeves,and I got long sleeve,I got 2 for about 3 dollars.I have seen demin skirts in ours.Good luck,have a good day.

Margie's Musings said...

Those Goodwill stores have some really nice things. I donated all Bob's beautiful clothing to the one in Bartlesville.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Sorry the waffles were a bust. My wife just pours oil on a piece of waxed paper and spreads it across the griddle in that manner. Works rather well.

Anonymous said...

I love Big Lots. We have one here and I go there all the time. Hope you figure the waffle iron out. Have a good weekend.

Grammy said...

Hey, you all...great suggestions! there is a really good thrift store here. In fact, we got the clothes to bury Dubby in, because all his clothes were in transit in a moving POD, and the clothes we got there looked really great on him. We had them cleaned, of course, and carried them with us when we flew back to TN to bury him. I donated all his clothing to the National Kidney Foundation, and I'm sure it went to a thrift store. It was all so very nice, too, so they got some really good clothing.
Waxed paper is a great idea, too. I'll have to try both those ideas.
Thank you all. Love, Ruby