Monday, November 8, 2010

Catchin' Up

Hey, Y'all,
I last posted on Friday and here it is Monday again! The days are flying by, and here I sit, but I have been out and about today. Motto: don't let the grass grow under your feet, put on some skates and boogie around. Ha ha.

I had to go out to the family doctor's this morning and let them get another vial of blood to retest my potassium. I would just as soon not have to take that stinky stuff, anyway. That would be one less med I would have to take. Oh, yeah, by the way, the cardiologists last words to me the other day were " Go out and have fun, and live your life and don't worry about stuff and I'll see you in six months." Wonder what he meant by that? Did he mean that it doesn't matter what I do, or that I have nothing to worry about since my tests show that nothing has changed a great deal in the last six months (he did tell me that, you know when we were discussing possible changes in my test results from six months ago). He told me that my former cardiologist had taken very good care of me.

On Saturday, I went to Carol's and we had hamburgers and watched the movie, "Nanny McPhee". I had seen it before but enjoyed it tremendously again. I am thinking about renting the second one to watch, even if I watch it alone. I also had supper with them on Friday evening with Matt, Amy, Julia, and her two babies. They are just absolutely adorable! It is fun to watch them. They are growing so very fast.

Today, when I got back from the doctor's office (drove to and from the office like a pro, with no problems getting in correct lane or anything - which those of you who are concerned will be glad to know :) ), I stopped at the YMCA which is just around the corner and down the street, and got a three day pass to try it out. I went into a yoga class (just stretching, no meditation) and rather enjoyed it, but I am mostly interested in doing the machines - treadmill, etc. which I discovered are not widely used from noon to four, so that is probably what I will be most interested in doing. I will probably feel some sore muscles tomorrow or the next day from the yoga stretches I did this morning. Ouch!

Well, it is noon time and my stomach says it is actually one p.m. (it is still on daylight savings time - ha ha), so I am going to stop for now and have some kind of lunch. I have some left over beef roast from last week which I think is still good, and also I have some shredded lettuce and tomatoes for a salad. long as I can find something to fill the empty space. Ha.

Oh, yeah, some exciting news! One of my good friends from college days is coming to visit me for a week in December.Yay! She lives in Tennessee and we are going to have fun talking and going places and doing stuff. It will be about a month from now.

This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for now. Much love to each of you, my friends and family. Bye for now. More later.


Barbara said...

Glad you are getting good reports from your Drs.You are a pro now getting around Texas.Sometimes it is hard to believe you are way out there.I bet Imazo and Mae still miss you.I am glad you are near family there.Have a good evening.

Anonymous said...

Glad the doctor gave you a good report and glad your friend is coming for a visit. I know you two will have so much fun catching up.

Mom B said...

Well, since you HAVE been known in the past as "The Grandma who worries", I'm guessing that he sensed your worries, and was just encouraging you to get out and have fun and to NOT worry! :-) Most heart patients worry about their hearts, I'd guess!

myletterstoemily said...

if i didn't know any different, i would think
you were 25 years old. way to go, ruby!

enjoy your yoga class!

Margie's Musings said...

Stay busy, Ruby, and enjoy yourself. You only live once.

Patricia Stoltey said...

Spending some time at the YMCA sounds like a good thing to do. You set a good example, Ruby.

welcome to my world of poetry said...

Pleased you're test are coming back good. a most enjoyable post to read.
Take care.