Thursday, April 30, 2009

As Willie says: "On the Road Again"

Hey, Y'all,

She blew into town like a breath of Spring, a mission on her heart to take care of her Mama, (and maybe boss her around a little bit) and now she is back on the road to her home, mission accomplished. Thank God for caring daughters! Carol loves but could not come (sister gave orders that Carol was not to, that she was up to the job, thank you very much). Now, now, girls, no arguing... I feel blessed that I am so loved.
Not every mother has children that vie for the opportunity to take care of her.

Teresa left this morning, and of course, there were tears, we each admonishing the other to stop it! She cleaned house, did laundry, worked at her job, did meals, took time to have fun with us, and instructed me to walk Gramps some every day, to keep him walking (and me, too, of course).
She bought me a new computer to use, set it up for me, walked me through the use of it (and I know that I will probably forget some of the instructions), but she left me notes to follow.

Well, Gramps is up and has had breakfast of ham and eggs with toast, so he is happy. We will take our walk in a few minutes.

I took some pictures this morning of some flowers in my yard and on my porch. The roses are getting ready to burst forth and the flower bed is half wild flowers and half pansies that I planted last fall. It looks a little scruffy, but that is okay. Along the side of the yard are some white hawthorns blooming. They are kind of like a hedge, but they smell wonderfully sweet and the fragrance wafts over to my windows and to the front porch. For someone who can't take the smell of hedges, it would be most offensive, because I am sure there are those who would be sneezing the head off. (Ew, how awful would that be to see? One sneezing one's head off... I know it feels awful, too, having done so many times. ha.)
I am feeling quite well these days, and, of course, will be driving into Knoxville tomorrow for our Movie Day. We will either be watching Ratatouille, or Night at the Museum. Both are really good movies, previewed by yours truly yesterday with Teresa also watching off and on. She brought them with her along with a bunch more, and had already seen them. I talked to Imazo this morning and we are planning on going in around eleven a.m. so that I can take her to do some shopping beforehand.
Teresa should be arrinving home in about 2 and 1/2 hours from now. She has promised to call me when she gets there. I am planning on having our neighbors up next door to come for supper on Monday. I am also planning on having our neighbors, Jim and Kelly, over to have supper with us one day soon. He is taking some tests today for a further diagnosis on his MS. He will begin taking treatment for it in May.
Well, I hear Gramps has just about finished hanging up his clean clothes that were just finished drying. Teresa's bed clothing is in the dryer right now. The first hint that she was leaving today instead of tomorrow was seeing her put them in the washer this morning. We really hated to see her leaving, but understand she is anxious to get back home to her sweetiepie, Tom, and her work, and their cat, Shadow.
Time for our walk, so this is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for today. Thanks again for all the well-wishes and prayers for us. We love you all. Bye for now.

2 comments: TN said...

I know you hated to see her leave. Aren't daughter's wonderful? You be careful now and don't hurt yourself. Have fun going into Knpxville. I think I'm going to Lisa's Saturday. My spring water supply is getting low. Can you believe I carry our drinking water all the way from Knoxville. I cannot drink water from the spiget anymore. I sure hope that spring never runs dry. I met a man there one day that said he had been getting water from that spring for 84 years. He was 88 and his daddy started taking him there when he was 4. Amazing.but the water is soooooogoooood!

Mom B said...

Yay for Teresa! As usual, she was right, since I had pneumonia and would have not been able to come. Nice to be fought over!

Love you both!