Sunday, April 26, 2009

Successful Movie Day

Hey, Y'all,
Yesterday was a beautiful day and we were able to enjoy it so much! Teresa so willingly drove us to Knoxville, where we stopped first at Mae's and left Gramps while we continued on to Imazo's and switched cars. We came back to Mae's and the five of us were discussing whether to eat out first and then watch the movie or vice versa. Gramps then suggested we order a pizza and just stay there and start watching the movie. Great idea, Gramps!

That is exactly what we did...When the pizzas came, we stopped the movie and Mae, Imazo and Teresa got the pizza and drinks set up in the kitchen and we brought the plates and drinks in and ate while we finished watching "The Pursuit of Happyness" with Will Smith and his little boy. It was a really great movie!

We decided after the movie was over to carry out the promise I had made to Mae and Imazo to take them to Lowe's so they could purchase flowers and dirt to plant them in. We left Gramps to enjoy watching television while we went in our "pursuit of flowers".

It is not very far to go to Lowe's out near Knoxville Center Mall from Mae's house (or from Imazo's either). So here we went, three little old senior citizens and one younger person driving us. When we got out there and parked, we kind of divided up into two pairs (after searching for one of those divided carts and only finding the regular kinds) Imazo and Teresa with a buggy and Mae and me with another buggy.
Mae was looking for a bag of rocks to use in the bottom of her planting pots, and we were just pushing our buggy all around looking for the bags of rocks. We were getting very tired (she being 89 and I just recovering from my surgery) when I finally discovered an employee and asked him to get a bag for us. When he told us a small bag cost disproportionately more than a big one, Mae decided to get a big bag. Mae and I sat down and waited while Teresa went to get a big bag of rocks.

Soon we had all the plants, dirt and rocks that we needed and after we got them all loaded into the trunk of the car, we went back to Mae's house and unloaded hers. Teresa went into the house and checked on Gramps, brought him out to sit with us on the back patio of Mae's house and we sat there in the shade, sipping mint juleps (well, no not really, just water, tea, and diet cola), and just talked and had a good time. A neighbor's cat kept winding in and out around our feet and looking for petting, which of course, we obliged.

About 6 p.m. or so, we decided it was time to hit the road, so we got Gramps back into Imazo's car, and after hugs all around with Mae, we got back into the car, and left Mae at her house and continued on to Imazo's, where we unloaded her purchases, and transferred our into Teresa's convertible and hugged Imazo and left her at her home. She watched for cars coming our way until we could get out of her driveway. Both she and Mae live on very busy streets, and traffic zips continually up and down them.

We got home and unloaded the flowers that I had bought (yes, I needed more. ha). We came in and had scrambled egg sandwiches for supper and Gramps watched some television, and Teresa and I came into the computer room to spend some time on our computers. It was not long before Gramps headed for bed (he had gotten up early- around 8 a.m.) which makes a long day for him. Teresa and I decided to watch a couple of movies and then the day was over at midnight. End of day. End of this morning's posting. (I did have a really good night's sleep last night).

This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for today. More later. Love to you all. Bye for now.

3 comments: TN said...

You are doing really good to have had surgery...was it last Friday? I'm so happy you are able to get out and enjoy this beautiful sunshine. You all have so much fun....I'm a little jealous! LOL I did get my husband out yesterday morning for a drive. My son Gary was helping serve Icies (is that the way you spell it, or is it Icy's) anyway the Shriners Highlands Band that he plays the bagpipes with were selling them and pop corn in front of Hamericks. That was a nice little trip.


I am so pleased you are feeling well and enjoying life.
Seemed a grand time was had by all
yesterday. Now take care,


Barbara said...

I agree you all really had a great day togeather.Glad you are feeling so much better. hope you have a restful night tonight.

love Barbara