Friday, April 17, 2009


This is Carol, filling in for Blabbin' Grammy, who should be coming out of the recovery room pretty soon.

The surgery went well. I talked to my sister, Teresa, a bit ago, and they took out a tumor that sounded to be about the size of a softball. It was filled with little cysts. IT DOES NOT SEEM TO BE CANCEROUS!! PRAISE GOD!!! Of course, they'll do tests on it to be sure, but at this time, the doc did not feel any cancer was present.

I'm sure Mom will blog soon and give you all the interesting details!

Our thanks (Me, Teresa, and Dub) for all your prayers, kindnesses, looking out for them, and being there.



Anonymous said...

Jim and Amber join me in saying, "Praise God!" We are so happy to hear the news -- and thank you for posting it! We have been praying for Ruby. When will she be home? I would like to fix a meal and bring over. Blessings, Kelly (Ruby's neighbor).

azdarlene said...

Thank you Carol for letting us know how your Mother is doing. We are glad the surgery wasn't more intense. I know she is glad about the news also. I will try to call her this weekend.
We continue to pray for quick recovery.
Love to all,
Darlene and Mark

Cynthia Kaye said...

Carol, thanks for posting I was with mom friday. And we were calling Uncle Fred to see how Aunt Ruby was doing. We love her very much..she is so special. Tell Aunt Ruby I love her and will talk with her soon. Cynthia (aka Cyndi)

Mom's Blog said...

When I last talked to Teresa, she was supposed to take Mom home after recovery. I didn't try to call last night, as I'm sure they were all tired.

I'm sure they'll appreciate some meals. Teresa is working from Tennessee via computer the two weeks she'll be here(she says her boss is great!) and will surely appreciate the kindnesses! I'd say you can coordinate that through her.