Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happy Birthday, Hannah

Hey, Y'all,

Holy Moley, What a day! We went to Knoxville late this morning with the intention of looking at computers. Well, we found one that we really liked and Teresa purchased it for me for Mother's Day. What a lovely gift, and what's more, she has spent the last seven hours downloading files and pics from my old computer and uploading them on the new one.

My computer room has no fan in it (the other 3 rooms have a ceiling fan) and it got up to about 100 degrees in this room. Poor girl, sweat was just a'rollin' off her and no relief was in sight. She has dealt with desk helpers online this evening, who did not seem to understand the problems she was dealing with. There was one really nice person that helped her tremendously.

About 7:30 we took a root beer float break and rested in the cool air on the front porch. Believe me, she has gone above and beyond the call of duty this day. I think she is very like her mother in the fact that she loves to overcome challenges. (Carol is very much the same, too). As the old saying goes, "the apples never fall very far from the tree". I now have some challenging to learn about my new computer.

Monday, the 27th of April is our Hannah's eighth birthday. Happy birthday, little darlin' Hannah! She is our oldest grandson's firstborn, and our daughter, Carol's, first grandchild. She is a lovely little girl and a joy to those who know her. I just wish we could celebrate her birthday in person with her, but we hope to see her sometime soon.

Tomorrow is a work day for Teresa and I am hoping it will be cooler in here for her. Well, it is time for me to fold my tent and silently steal away to bed. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for tonight. Love to all of you. Bye for now.

2 comments: TN said...

Happy Birthday Hannah! She looks so sweet! Grammy, it's good to have someone to get your new computer going. My daughter is good at that too. In fact she is the technology advisor at her school. I'm lost when it comes to technology stuff. Stay cool today. It's going to be another hot one.

Barbara said...

Morning Ruby,Hope you enjoy your day today. I had to get a new
computer back in Feb.I had to get my daugther to do all that stuff on mine also,But I am really enjoying the flat screen monitor.
By for now.