Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Quiet Saturday (again)

Hey, Y'all,
Yeah, it has been quiet here today, and I have worked almost all day on Will's quilt. Up at 8 a.m., I took my before breakfast pill and began working on the quilt. Finally, about 9:30, I came to a stopping place and went into the kitchen, had my breakfast, and cleaned the kitchen.

Then I went back to the quilt, and worked on it until around 1 p.m. when I stopped and had a snack for lunch. Some time today, both Mae and Imazo called me to see how I was doing. Imazo told me her sister, Lois, who lives in Ohio is in the hospital with an infection but is doing better and will no doubt soon be back in her assisted living apartment.

Gramps finally got up around 3:30 this afternoon and got dressed. I asked if he would like to go to the Cracker Barrel and have a breakfast there. He said that sounded really good. I knew that would be his only meal today, so I wanted it to be a good one. I had a dinner plate meal of spicy grilled fish, carrots and hashbrown casserole.

After we got back home, I went up to my neighbor's house and saw they had brought home the new pups they have been talking about getting. The pups are black water spaniels, and are adorable. I know it means a lot of work for the children (probably parents, too) to take care of them.

Later this evening, Gramps and I went down to our church to do the drive-through live presentation called "The Trail to the Empty Tomb". It was beautiful, as usual. Our church has been doing this presentation for about ten years now. It is a wonderful way to witness to others. It involves about a hundred people (at least).

We got Gramps' shower done tonight so that it won't take a long time for us to get ready for church in the morning. He has forgotten how to tie a tie, so I looked up directions on the internet, and we watched a couple of "how-to" videos on tying a Windsor knot, and I printed off directions as well. We practiced tying a tie, and then he went into his bedroom and came back wearing one he had just tied. I gave him a lot of praise, and he said, "I better go take this one off". He just now came in here wearing his shirt, suit jacket, and tie, with his sweat pants (pajamas) and asked, "Is this where the Young's live?" Ha, he is so funny. I said, yes, and he said, "I'm going to bed".

So he will probably be in bed in just a few minutes after he takes off the dress clothes. I have yet to decide what I will wear tomorrow. I usually don't decide until about an hour before we leave. I have to know what I am in the mood to wear before I decide. ha.

Well, folks, that is about all I got to say right now. I hope each of you has a blessed Easter tomorrow. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for tonight. Love to each of you. More tomorrow. Bye for now.

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