Friday, April 24, 2009

A Real Cooker Due Today

Hey, Y'all,
Today is going to be really warm (or as Teresa says, 'A Real Cooker'). It is supposed to be up to 83 degrees today, and yesterday it was 75. Whoo - hoo! Wonderful! I love it.

I was able yesterday to walk down to the mailbox and back twice. I also walked up to my neighbor's house and visited with them for a while. The kids were doing a twenty questions game and we sat there and talked for about 30 minutes or so. Their new puppies are doing well. They are a part lab, part collie and are black with just a little white on them. They are adorable, of course, as all puppies are. Pictures to come later.
They are sister and brother, Violet and Bear.

We spent quite a bit of yesterday doing laundry and cleaning house (I say, we, but it was of course, Teresa) She was doing the majority of it, along with working at her computer online with her work. Isn't the age of technology wonderful?

We also went to Lowe's and purchased some flowers for my front porch flower pots. The roses in my front yard are about to burst into bloom and that is always thrilling to see. We also cleaned out the hummingbird feeders and filled them with fresh liquid. Gramps even ventured out onto the front porch and sat in the rocker, waiting to see if the hummingbirds would fly in to feast. No luck, we didn't see any, but it was wonderful to see him sitting out there. I have yet to clean out the birdbath, and fill it with nice clean water.

We opened all the windows we could yesterday to air out the house, and we left them up last night and it was wonderful! Of course, Gramps complained a little about it being cool this morning, but it will warm up by the time he is ready to get up for today.

A tenderloin pork roast is in the crock pot with a wonderful seasoning marinade to cook in. I lined the crock pot with heavy aluminum foil and sliced the loin into 1 and 1/2 inch slices and laid them flat in the foil, then mixed in a bowl the following ingredients: half an onion (chopped), dashes of dry mustard, rosemary, oregano, basil, paprika; an ounce or so of soy sauce, an ounce or so of worcestershire sauce, half a can of diet root beer, and a teaspoon of minced garlic. I then poured the marinade over the meat, folded the aluminum foil down over the whole thing, then turned the crock pot on high. After it cooks that way for an hour or so, I will turn it down to low and cook the rest of the day. We will have baked sweet potatoes and some spinach with it for supper tonight.

We have a woodpecker outside our window who apparently thinks our house is a tree, and continues to come and "visit" us at odd times during the day. I have had him wake me up sometimes. I guess he may be asking me to come out and play? ha.

Well, I have not had my breakfast yet, so that is next on my agenda. After while I plan to go out and do my flower transfers from the pots I bought them in to the ones on my porch. I will do it slowly (believe me, with very little exertion), till they are done.
Tomorrow, we are planning to go into Knoxville for our Movie Day. This time, Teresa will be doing the driving, and switching cars with Imazo's, so that all us "old folks" can ride comfortably.

This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for today. More later. Love to all of you. Bye for now.

1 comment: TN said...

It's good to know you are "up and about." Hasn't it been beautiful today? I've been working in my yard all day. I love, love, love it! Take care of yourself !