Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Hey, Y'all,
Did you ever preregister for surgery? My goodness, gracious! What a procedure that is! Today, I went to Knoxville to St. Mary's to preregister for my upcoming ovarian cyst surgery (to be performed on this Friday afternoon around 2:30 or 3:00 p.m.).

I stopped by Imazo's house so that she could go with me and kind of keep me company while I went through that arduous process. By the time we were finished, the surgery had certainly become more real to me. Before that, it was just kind of out in the future and not yet to be.

We arrived and had the valet service to park our car. We went in and I signed in at the desk, and it was only a few minutes before we were called back to one of those little cubicle offices by one of the personnel. I gave her a copy of my living will, and a list of my medications, my allergies, and my past surgeries. Also I tendered my insurance cards, my personal ID, and my card with my pacemaker identification numbers. Then I began answering questions and asked a few of my own. I found out that my doctor would be removing my ovary as well as the cyst. Also confirmed that if the cyst were cancerous, he would be doing exploratory surgery as well. She told me the surgery would be anywhere from 30minutes to an hour if it were just the laparoscopic, and up to 3 hours if it became exploratory.

Then we went back to another section and talked to another person and answered a lot of the same questions, then I went to get my presurgery bloodwork done. One of the lab ladies was reluctant to do my bloodwork because I have those difficult veins and so another patient was in there and the other lab lady did mine, and the one that started with me did the other patient. Go figure...ha.

Imazo and I left around 2:30 after having begun the process at 1:00 p.m. and went by Mae's house and picked her up. I really appreciated Imazo's being with me, she was really sweet to accompany me to that ordeal.

I talked to our neice, Terri, this evening. She went to the hospital last week with a heart attack (drove herself there, in fact). At first they couldn't find anything wrong with her and were going to send her home, but she refused until they found the problem. They finally did a heart cath and discovered that she had 100 % blockage of the largest artery to the heart. They inserted a stint, and kept her for several days. She is taking it easy for a few days and just doing a little more each day. We are so glad that she is still with us! We love you, Terri!

After we picked up Mae, the three of us proceeded to Applebee's and had a very late lunch, and really enjoyed it! After we finished I dropped off the two of them at their respective homes and headed back here to my home. I got home around 5 p.m. to find that Gramps had gotten up a while after I left for Knoxville and had his cereal. I got home and fixed him some left over chicken pot pie from last evening's supper and made coffee and we shared coffee and some fudgy brownies for dessert.

I stopped at the church before I came on home to speak to my friend, Judy, and to offer my condolences on the recent passing of her little dog, Spike. Spike had been a virtual member of their family for the past 13 or 14 years. He was a feisty little Shetzu, (don't know if I spelled that right or not) and just the cutest little fellow you every saw. Judy trained him well, and she could feed him from a fork. He thought he was the boss of the family. She and Gene are just so devastated by his death, and our heart goes out to them.

Well, folks, I have a lot to do tomorrow. I want to go into Jefferson City and get a few things, and also get a hair cut. A lady has to look good to go to the hospital, doesn't she? I have been doing a little cleaning around here today, and will do some more tomorrow, kind of straightening up things and putting them in order.

Our neighbor brought his special coffee maker down last night and I shared some caffeine with him. It was really good, but Unfortunately, it really charged me up so that at midnight I was still trying to find my sleep zone, and I was slowly counting sheep (or something) to put myself to sleep. I don't know what time it was that I finally went to sleep, but I felt rested when I got up anyway. I reckon I won't be drinking any of that again anytime soon. ha.

Well, this is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for the evening. More tomorrow. Love to all of you. Bye for now.


Barbara said...

Morning, Ruby glad you got the pre.stuff out of the way.Imazo told me she was going with you.
I will be thinking of you on Fri.
I hope and pray everything goes well. I will be checking on you with Imazo. Have a peaceful day,
Love Barbara

Judy said...

I am sure you are glad to get the preregistration over and out of the way so you can just go right in on Friday but what a day you went though! I am glad you had someone with you. Good luck on Friday. We will be waiting to hear.Love and hugs.

Clara....in TN said...

I know what those preregistration days are like. It's always good to have someone with you to help you pass the time. I sure will be saying a prayer for you Friday. Let us hear from you as soon as you can! All my love, Clara

Mom B said...

Hang in there, Mom. I'll try to call you later today. I ended up sick yesterday, went to the doc, and was diagnosed with pneumonia. good grief! He grounded me for 3 days, and I'm already going batty. however, if I get up for more than a minute, I'm ready to get back in bed.

We continue to pray for your peacefulness, and will especially be praying for you on Friday! Love you!