Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wedding Invitations In the Making

Hey, Y'all,

Yes, Rachael and sister, Tanya, are busy making beautiful wedding invitations to send out for the January wedding of Rachael and groom to be, Jason. I went over around noon today to visit and somehow, just couldn't keep my hands out of the creation of the invitations. They had already designed the invitations, but I got to help fold some of the parts of the whole.

While I was there, I got a quick snapshot of them and of Tanya's oldest, Kevin, who just turned three years old.

This morning, I cajoled Gramps out of bed a little early by promising him ham, eggs, biscuits, and of course, coffee. He is sleeping much better these days. So, true to my promise, I delivered the good breakfast, and shared it with him, but I had sausage instead of ham.

I did get some organizing of my workroom done this morning after I had cleaned the kitchen. There is much more to do, but I will get it all done in good time.

When I came back home this afternoon, I brought some hamburgers back for a late lunch. We will have left over potato soup for supper after while.

I have started the fifth row on the quilt for Matt, and will be finishing that row before bedtime tonight. As the quilt grows, so does the difficulty in adding the additional rows. Hence, it takes a little longer to add each row. After this row is completed,there are three more rows to do.

Speaking of the weather, which we weren't, but I am now, cooler weather is ocming in again, and there is a chance of snow a little north and east of here tonight. It can wait for a LONG time, to make its way here, if it so chooses.

The next thing I will approach to reorganize is my computer desk. It looks like it is about ready to fly. ha ha. It is really loaded up with stuff and more stuff. No wonder it is difficult to find anything on it.

Well, this is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for tonignt. It is only 4:35 p.m. right now, but I reckon I could just lie down and take a nap. I guess I will get up and move around some instead. Maybe even eat a piece of chocolate pie. Yeah! That is a great idea! See you all later. Love to you all.


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