Thursday, November 20, 2008

Happy Anniversary number 56 - Hugh and Imazoe

Hey, Y'all,

Today (November 21)is the 56th anniversary of Hugh and Imazoe's wedding day. It was a day of great surprises. That morning, a huge snow of more than one foot fell and fell quickly. It provided several huge obstacles to the carrying on with the wedding. The snow knocked out the electricity (a good thing they had candles to light in the church). My mom had a great deal of trouble getting up the hill to the church and it was only a block away from where she was. She had on slick bottomed shoes, and my sister-in-law, Mae, helped her get up the hill, which is a challenge even when the weather is good.

The snowfall that day was a record snowfall, and many people remember the giant snowfall of November 21, 1952. I happened to be living in Indiana at the time. My first husband, Charles, and I were expecting our oldest daughter, Carol, in less than a month. So what I write here about that day is just hearsay.

I have some pictures here of different stages of their lives together and of how they interacted within our family.

Imazoe is very dear to me and is a very important part of our lives. She and Hugh are truly a matched set, where you see one, you will see the other. Imazoe was a member of her family before I met her, and she is a dear. She and Hugh, and Gramps and I have taken several trips together out west to visit their son, David and his family, and our brother, John, and his family, who also live out in the same vicinity.

Hugh is a big brother that I have always looked up to. He and Imazoe have worked hard during their lives to bring up their two children, David and Jeff, to be good, kind and loving citizens and have succeeded well in doing so.

Gramps and I recently (over the past year) have had the opportunity to meet Imazoe's sisters and their families, and really enjoyed the time we have gotten to spend with them.

Imazoe is a very talented lady (she would probably never admit it). She is very good at doing craft work, is an excellent seamstress, a really good cook, and I wish I could fold clothes to look as neat as she does. When there is anything to be done, she jumps right in and leads the way. I admire her so very much.

There is much more I could write, but I want to put as many pictures as I can of Hugh, Imazoe and our families as I can find on my computer. One more thing I can say, "Imazoe, I'm so glad you are a part of our lives!"
Pictures are from top:
1. Hugh, Imazoe, Mae, Gramps this year at our home.
2. Imazoe and Margaret in 1970s at our family home (near here where I live now) in New Market.
4.Family members in New Market home
5. Teresa (part of her), David, Imazoe and Jeff.
6. Imazoe in her yard this summer
7. Hugh and Imazo, holding my daughter, Carol in the summer of 1953.
8. Hugh, Dad, Bill and Mae
9. Hugh and Imazoe in 2005 while we were in Arizona visiting
10. Hugh and Dad
11. Gramps, Mae, Hugh and Imazoe
12. Margaret and Imazo (looking at a cookbook, I think)


Judy said...

Great pictures and how wonderful to have spent so many great years together. Happy Anniversary Hugh and Imazoe.

Barbara said...

I loved the pictures, I was a kid
when they got married.
But i remember it well.
I hope they have a great day,
Yes they are a great couple.
I hope you and Gramps have a
great day also.
Love you all, Barbara TN said...

Happy Anniversay Hugh and Imazoe. Nice couple and nice pictures. May they have many more good years together.