Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Lazy Bones Day= Yawn!

Hey, Y'all,
Ever have a sleepless night? Well, last night was like Sleepless in New Market (instead of Seattle). ha. Gramps did not seem to be able to go to sleep, and so I was awake off and on, as well. Consequently, I finally got up at 2 a.m. and sewed for about two hours and then went back to bed and was able to sleep some then between 2 and 6. Then that was the end of that. Gramps did not get up until 2 p.m.

But at least, that gave me the opportunity to do some things I wanted to do. I looked online for patterns for making snowflakes, and found some instructions that were suitable. Yesterday, I had bought a pack of colored paper that has some of the right color of blue in it. After I made six snowflakes, I got out the small laminator that I bought a year or so ago, and laminated the cutout snowflakes. I love doing craft type stuff, you know. I have yet to cut the plastic laminate from the flakes, but it won't take long.

I also have finished stitching the flowers on to the quilt squares and am tying and clipping the threads so the stitches won't pull out during its use. My eyelids are drooping right now, and I hope I can finish and post this

While Gramps was still in bed this morning, I went to my favorite (one of them, that is) store, Wally World. While there, I saw a good friend that I had not seen in some time, and it was wonderful to catch up on what had been happening in our lives. My only blood sister, Margaret, passed away in December of 07, and her only sister, Becky, passed away in February of this year. The passing of my sister was not such a surprise to us, but the passing of Carolyn's sister, Becky, was entirely unexpected and quite devastating to her family. I am hoping to reestablish more permanent contact with Carolyn. We taught together for many years in the same school and are dear friends.

Gramps is doing so much better over the past few days, it is quite heartening to see him walking around the house with out complaining about his head or neck hurting. It is humorous to hear him tell people about his accident with the shower curtain rod, because it is quite different from how it really happened. Of course, he has the details of where it happened, and why we were where he says we were, quite mixed up and his faulty reasoning is what makes it so humorous.
But, that doesn't matter at all.

I cooked a whole pork tenderloin in the crock pot yesterday, and when it was finished, I took it out and put it into the refrigerator. Today, I had a sandwich of it (cold) on bread with mayo, and spread a bit of barbeque sauce on it.That was my lunch. YUM! It was really tasty. I am going to give Gramps some of it in a little while for supper, and I may have a bit more when he has his.

Well, I don't know if I put this on yesterday's blog or not, but this is for those people who don't live in Tennessee and are followers of UT Football. The other day, Phillip Fulmer announced his resignation as coach. It seems they don't suffer a losing season We are sorry to see him go. He provided a lot or color for the games.

This is Blabbin' Grammy trying to keep her eyes open for the rest of the evening. Tomorrow is a busy day, with Carol, the speech therapist, and Sarah, the occupational therapist, coming in the morning, and then we have an appointment with Gramps's dr. in the mid afternoon. May God's blessings rest on each of you. We know that although Barack Obama won the presidential election yesterday, that God is in control and He is the One who guides our lives. More tomorrow. Love to all my friends and family out there in "Blogland". Bye for now.

2 comments: TN said...

Hi Grammy, here's a good snowflake site. Keep looking when the site opens and there are several you can click on and print out on regular copy paper and then cut them out. It takes a pair of sissors with sharp points to get into the corners. It tells you how to fold the paper. These are the prettiest ones I have seen and they are so much fun to make.
Let me know if you make them.

Grammy said...

Dear Clara,
I found that website while looking this morning. It is a good one. Thanks very much for your thoughtfulness. Those are the ones I used. Thanks again.