Monday, November 17, 2008

Gramps Speaks - Part two of 100 things

Hey, Y'all,
Since I am putting the rest of Gramps' hundred things about himself, I thought a sweet picture to go with it would be one that I took of him with Ellie, our great granddaughter that we just met in August.
I must confess that a few of the things I am entering as Gramps' 100 things about himself, are things not that he told me, but that I know about him from the 42 years that we have known each other. So, here goes:
Gramps speaks:

51. My first taste of women's lib happened when I was in the first grade, and being the helpful person that I am, I got a chair for a little girl that I thought was really cute. She rebuffed me by getting her own chair and ignoring my assistance.

52, My brother, Howard, got the nickname of "Mouse" when he was in high school. It happened one day when he saw a mouse run across the room, and he said, "There goes a mouse!". Later. because I was his little brother, I was called "Little Mouse".

53. My favorite movies when I was growing up were westerns. I still enjoy watching the old westerns.

54. My favorite pies are: pecan, apple, and lemon meringue.

55. I love peanut brittle.

56. A favorite meal of mine is country fried steak and country gravy on top of it with mashed potatoes.

57. I used to love going out with Ruby on Friday evening after a week of teaching and eating fish at Shoney's and then going to a movie.

58. I used to enjoy doing the cryptograms in the News-Sentinel.

59. I am proud of my wife's ability to do almost anything.

60. When I was in elementary school, we didn't have a lunch room, and my teachers noticed I never brought any lunch to school. They brought a lunch for me every day.

61. One of my teachers in the fourth grade noticed me chewing my crayons and started bringing me lunch.

62. I am a collector, and have collected stamps, coins, and little model cars.

63. In the fifth grade, a boy had done something that upset the teacher. We had windows that opened out, and because she was chasing him with a paddle, he jumped up into the window and threatened to jump out. He didn't though.

64. I have been a deacon at our church and was an active one about 25 years ago, but can no longer serve.

65. I like to whistle sometimes, and sometimes I keep whistling the same thing over and over again, until Ruby finishes the song for me, so I will stop it.

66. I enjoy watching informational television.

67. I like to watch public television, sometimes even the educational ones for kids.

68. I once turned a somersault for my grandson, Daniel, when he was about three and I was about 52.

69. I like seeing Tiger Woods play golf.

70. I fell in love with Ruby at first sight, a little over 42 years ago.

71. I love to tease and aggravate her.

72. I like doing things for other people.

73. I can be quite stubborn when it comes to something that I am convicted about.

74. I consider myself to be patriotic and love my country.

75. I was rejected for military duty because of my lazy eye.

76. I miss my brother, Howard, and my sister, Johnnie, and all the good times we used to have when we got together.

77. I used to watch Johnny Carson every night.

78. I haven't driven a car for ten years and miss the freedom it gave me.

79. I really admired JFK and was saddened when he was assassinated.

80. I used to wash dishes for Ruby when she was teaching and I was retired.

81. I helped John, Ruby's brother, build the upper story on his house out here in the country.

82.He held the ladder for me while I climbed up and nailed on boards.

83. I really enjoyed watching Maureen O'Hara and John Wayne in movies.

84. I liked the Esther Williams movies too.

85. When my mother died, it left a big hole in my heart and life.

86. I have had two really bad cases of sunburn over my whole body. One time was when Ruby and I went to New Mexico to visit Teresa, who was in the Air Force. We spent the whole day at the base pool and I came away looking like a giant lobster. It was a few days before I could bear to have clothes touch me.

87. I lived for many years in the house that my mother had built after my father died from the mine accident. I did not leave it until Ruby and I were married. I was 50 years old at the time.

88. I can now walk through the house without my cane or walker.

89. I like to ride trains.

90. I would love to go to Yellowstone National park and see the geysers and other natural features.

91. I like flying in small planes so that I can see the natural features of the land below.

92. Ruby and I love to watch children play. They have so much joy and energy.

93. I am proud of my daughters and their families.

94. I take pleasure and pride in their accomplishments.

95. I take pleasure and pride in all the accomplishments of my nieces and nephews.

96. I cannot, and do not wish to, operate a computer.

97. I am at peace and am ready to meet my Maker any time He wishes to call me home.

NOTE: I would like to add these things about Gramps:
98. He is a gentleman of the old school manner. He always removes his hat to pray, when he sees a flag go by in a parade, and will not eat wearing his hat. He always waits to let everyone out before him, and if I happen to be standing behind him, I am the last one to leave. ha.

99. He is slow to anger, and remains calm when I might not be.

100. He is tender-hearted and solicitous, always considering the needs and wants of others. I love him.

Th-th-that's all folks.

Blabbin' Grammy signing off for today. Hopefully, I haven't repeated any that I put down the other day. I didn't go back and read the ones I had already posted. Bye for now.

4 comments: TN said...

Oh, you have a wonderful man there. Thank you for writing 100 things about him. We are blessed, aren't we? Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Grammy said...

Thanks Clara!
Yes, he is a wonderful man. We are indeed blessed.
Sometimes it seems we have to run into hard times to realize our good blesssings, doesn't it?
Ruby (aka Grammy)

God Put the My in the Myeloma said...

Mom -
Thanks for sharing this wonderful information about Dub. After 34 years, there was still information I did not know. I always enjoy reading your blog, though I seldom comment. Hope to update my blog again sometime soon. - Daryl

Grammy said...

Dear Son,
Thanks for your comments and the encouragement on my blogging adventures. Glad to see your comments and we look forward to seeing you all sometime. Don't know when right now, but hopefully sometime soon in the future. Looking forward to reading your updates.
Love you,
Mom (aka Grammy)