Saturday, November 22, 2008

Autumn Glory

Hey, Y'all,
Yesterday morning, I looked out and saw some flurries flying around, nothing serious, but it reminded me of how my sister and I used to call one another when it was snowing. One of us would say, "Well, it's a fallin'". The other would reply, "Yep, it sure is!" Then we would continue on to wonder if it would lay.

I was straightening my computer desk today, and happened upon a package containing poems that she had written, and that I had collected from her apartment after her death a little less than a year ago. One of them is called Autumn Glory and she wrote it in 1955. Since it is still technically autumn, I am going to print it here for your enjoyment.

Autumn Glory
Leaves of crimson, gold, and green
In a distant woodland grove-
A glorious sight to behold-
It shows the handiwork of our Lord.
A nearby field of new-mown hay-
All stacked in mounds so high,
Should catch the glimpse of passersby-
As they go traveling on their way.
A fading sunset o'er the hills
Brings on an afterglow.
And as I watch it fade from sight,
I always seem to hear
A voice from within my very soul
Speak softly, yet so clear,
"Look close, thou soul, and you will find
That I am very near."
Margaret E. C.
Well, folks, that is it for today. More tomorrow, I reckon. This is Blabbin' Grammy, signing off for today, and I know that Margaret would have enjoyed seeing her poetry on the internet. May you each feel God's blessings this day and morrow. Love to you all.
Bye for now.


Serbian Mink said...

Quite lovely and moving, Gwammy.

We are heading east, but don't spill the beans to H&I.

Judy said...

The poem is beautiful. I loved it. We had snow flurries here several days ago but it is in the 50s today. Rain tomorrow.


Hi Ruby Enjoyed your blog, the poem was lovely, It's lovely to find friendships through these blogs especially when we're separated by many miles.
Hope all is well with you and take care.


azdarlene said...

The poem is beautiful just like Margaret. Tell Hugh and Imazo "Happy Belated Wedding Anniversary". Phoenix (I think) has left the 80 degree weather, didn't seem like Christmas coming with 80 degree weather and Christmas songs playing on the radio........hahahaha!!! Something wrong with that picture...haha!!
Enjoy your blog everynight before I go to bed to see what you have been doing. Tell everyone HI for us and we love you.