Friday, November 7, 2008

Miscellaneou Matters

Hey, Y'all,

Lots of different stuff to talk about today. I was up this morning with the notion of getting all the mini cupcakes baked before my eye doctor's appointment at 10:30. HA!

It didn't happen. I did get the first cake mix mixed up and made 24 of the mini cupcakes. But then I had to get Gramps up and fed and get his insulin shot ready for him to take. I put the rest of the batter in the fridge after covering the bowl with press n' seal plastic. (Wonderful stuff, you know).

I left at 10:00 a.m. and got there with 10 minutes to spare before my appointment. Unfortunately, I didn't see past the receptionist's desk until close to 11 a.m. They were really busy this morning. The doctor had some bad news for me, that we had discussed in a manner of passing the last time, that I have corneal dystrophy and he is sending me to a specialist in December, so that he can examine my eyes.

I left my eye doctor's office at about 12:30 p.m. and headed on out to the local Walmart for some things I needed. When I arrived home, I saw a package waiting for me at the back door. Shazam! It was a package that I had been looking for, a gift from my niece, Andrea. She had alerted me to be looking for it, but was very mysterious about the contents.

When I got inside, I quickly put the things I bought at Walmart on the kitchen table and picked up the scissors that I had been using to clip threads on the quilt pieces with. I carefully slit open the package, and read the card. It brought tears to my eyes, and with a choke in my voice read it to Gramps. It was so sweet. I reached into the package then to bring out the rest of the contents. It was a tube of Tangee Lipstick. Andrea had read the story of how I had "borrowed" my mother's tube of Tangee to take to school when I was only a second grader.

For those of you who are not familiar with Tangee, it has been around for longer than I have. It was the only lipstick my mom ever used. It is orange in color and is transparent and changes color so that it is suited to your complexion regardless of what shade your skin is. I immediately opened the tube and smelled the aroma. It smells just the same as it did so long ago. The aroma transported me back in memory to those days. I went into the bathroom and applied it to my lips, then I smiled. Thank you, thank you, dear Andrea. You have pleased me no end. How very thoughtful you are!

Later this afternoon, (after lunch), I took the rest of the cake batter from the fridge and continued my baking. Did you know that one cake mix will produce about 50 mini cupcakes? In case you ever need to know, that could be helpful information. I finally finished up the minicupcakes. Hallelujah! They are yet to be frosted. That will come early in the morning.

It is now a little after 5 p.m. and I have just turned off the oven and am resting up from my labors. It wasn't difficult, just time consuming and a little wearing on a bad back. It was, however, a labor of love. I look forward to the bridal shower and spending time with friends and loved ones.

I am posting a picture of my new baker's rack in the kitchen near my washer and dryer, oops, which by the way, I need to remember to take the clothes out of the dryer and put some things into it that I washed this morning.
When I came home from the eye doctor, Gramps had changed out of his sweats in which he sleeps and has been wearing during the day time, and was in his daily wear clothing, which also lets me know that he is really thinking of himself as getting better.That is wonderful visual news to me. I thank the Lord that he is seeing himself as getting well.
I am going to have to head back into the kitchen and see what he would like for his supper after while. Also, there ia a need to clean up my kitchen mess from baking cupcakes.
This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for the evening. May God bless each of you and keep you in HIs care. Love to you all. Bye for now.


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Wear it with loving mem'ries in your heart... TN said...

Hi Grammy, just checking in on you. You have been a busy woman again. Ryan tells me I work like an Amish Woman. I take that as a compliment. I think you do work the same. You know I said on my post yesterday I couldn't think of anythiing to blog about. Well, just wait until tomorrow. I have something to blog won't believe it! See you tomorrow!