Monday, November 10, 2008

Anniversary Time

Hey, Y'all,

Yes, Today is our thirty-second wedding anniversary and we are so blessed to have had so many years together.

I looked through several pictures on my computer to find one to post (a recent one) and found this one from this summer. Pictured are Gramps and myself, our good friends, Mark, Allie, and Jennifer.

The location is, of course, our front porch.

Our day began today with having to get up early to go to the local hospital so Gramps could have another MRI of his head so that the doctor could do a follow-up on the accident that he had in August when the shower curtain rod fell on him. Of course, he had to have the MRI with no breakfast. She had ordered a CT Scan, but the radiologists told us that if he has any blood clots or bleeding inside his head, the contrast would hide them.

Well, after we were finished at the hospital, we decided to go to Shoney's for breakfast. Yum! It was great, of course, and we enjoyed it tremendously. We decided to stop at the County Farmer's Co-op to see if they had any strong liniment. Why did we want liniment? Because, the doctor suggested we get some and use it on Gramps' neck and shoulders to loosen up the muscles and help him feel better.

We found some Watkins' White Liniment which has the active ingredients of menthol and turpentine. I put some on his upper and lower neck (in back) and will apply more tonight.

This afternoon, Gramps' speech therapist, Carol, came for her visit and, as usual, we had a really fun time, talking and playing a game. She will only be here one more time to finish up her time with us. We are really going to miss seeing her. Maybe she will stop by sometime just for a visit and to let us see her.

If you will remember, I told you about cooking a pork tenderloin in the crock pot, adding diet root beer to cook it in, and adding a few spices and some garlic. It was delicious, but after a few sandwiches with it, I decided to use the rest of it in a casserole. I cut up the remainder, added diced tomatoes that had jalapenos in them, cooked a half box of macaroni and added that, then put in a small can of tomato sauce (no salt added), a partial package of grated 4 cheese mixture, a can of low sodium cream of celery soup, a cup of milk, and stirred it all together, put it into a baking dish, and topped it with sliced american cheese and baked in a 350 degree oven for 35 minutes. Yum, it was really good. Oh yes, when we dished it up, we added black pepper to the top of it. Toasted some sliced bread to serve with it, and that was our supper tonight.

Well, that is about it for today. More tomorrow. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for tonight. Love to all of you, and may God's blessings touch your heart and may you feel as blessed as we do. Bye for now.


Nadia said...

Ms. Grammy, I just stumbled on your blog as a random anonymous internet user and I want to say I am so impressed! The writing is so colorful and in-depth. Your family is so lucky that you care enough to share your days with them. I hope they know it.

Happy Anniversary!

Cathy said...

Hello Grammy
Congratulations and I must say thats a nice picture of you and Gramps.
Hope the result of the MRI is good and not more bad news.
Does that particular liniment make him smell like an athlete? There are some that make the house smell like a football clubs change room lol
Take care

Judy said...

I hope you had a wonderful anniversary and many more. My father believed that liniment would cure anything. He said if it will help a horse, it will help a human! I love the picture.

Serbian Mink said...

Happy Happy Happy, Gwammy! TN said...

Hi Grammy, My Daddy sold Raleighs(sp) Liniment and all of the Raleigh Products. He thought that red liniment that you drink would cure anything . I have drunk it many times and went outside and threw it up. There was also a kind that you rub on. I think I still have some of it. it was good for sore and achy muscles. Happy Anniversay. Hope you have many more. I like the picture.

Grammy said...

Dear Friends,
Thank you all so very much for the well wishes!
To Nadia,
Thank you for the sweet comments and I hope you will ocme back to visit my blog!
Love to all of you!
Grammy and Gramps