Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Nephews and Updates

Hey, Y'all,
Well, today is Tuesday and it is not long until Wednesday begins. Hopefully, I will be in bed before it begins (but not by much, I am sure).

We had a lovely day today. I worked this morning on Matt's quilt for awhile after I got up and had breakfast and took my shower. Then at 11:00 a.m. I got Gramps up so he could get ready to go to the Cracker Barrel for breakfast to meet our nephew, David, and his wife, Andrea.

Mark came over for awhile this morning and sat and chatted with me for awhile. He is having some work done in our basement by our neighbor, Scott. Scott is sealing the basement walls with a sealer that contains paint. It is really looking good, and he will be doing some more work down there and also will be closing in the back of our carport so that it will no longer be like a wind tunnel.

About noon, Gramps and I left and went to the Cracker Barrel and had a very nice visit with David and Andrea. David and Gramps had breakfast and Andrea and I had lunch. We then went on into Knoxville and had a lovely visit with Hugh and Imazoe. Hugh is still considering the prospect of going on dialysis, maybe. David and Andrea had to head back to Arizona this evening and Peggy, Jeff's wife, drove them to the airport to catch their flight.

Peggy was telling us that Jeff is feeling really bad with the inner ear infection that has not cleared up yet. We are not sure as to when that whole thing is going to be better. Neither are they.

After Peggy, David, and Andrea left, Imazoe made us some coffee and shared some delicious yellow cake with chocolate frosting. Yum! I asked her where it came from and she told us that her sister, Barbara, had made it and brought it with her and their sister, Dorothy, when they came to visit last week. I happened to notice in the kitchen a little later that we had the last of it, because the pan was empty. Great going, Barbara! That was really delicious! Thank you so very much, Imazoe, for sharing that good stuff with us!

Well, I better hurry with this if I am going to be in bed before midnight. More tomorrow. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for now. BTW, Gramps and I had a really sweet call from our grandson, Daniel, yesterday, giving us condolences on the passing of my little brother, John. We appreciated that so very much.

May each of you feel God's presence of love in your life. Bye for now.


Clara....in TN said...

Hi Grammy, How are you? I'm so far behind I think I am in front. LOL I haven't sent my christmas cards yet. I've never been this late! Maybe I will just e-mail everyone and tell them Merry Christmas...but it isn't the same. Take care of yourself now, One of these days next summer, I'm going to come through New Market and pay you a visit.

azdarlene said...

Thank you Ruby for the Blog on John. That was a real nice one you did. We all know he is in a better place now with no pain. We will all miss him. Thank you for all the prayers over the last 13 yrs. His Memorial Service will be this Saturday at 11:00 Arizona time.
We love you,
Darlene, Becky, Kevin, Erica, Mark and Kevin James


Another blog I enjoyed reading, I could almost imagine all you were writing. I do hope you have a fantasic Christmas and a New Year to match. but I'm sure I will visit before the big day.
Take care.