Sunday, December 28, 2008

More Pics from Hugh's Christmas Get-together

Hey, Y'all,
Well, as I promised a couple of days ago, here are some more pics from our get together at my brother, Hugh's, house. Now, I can't tell you who all the people are right now, but when I can get all the names, I will come back and edit this posting and identify all. I will have to get ID's from those who know. Probably Imazo will be able to tell me, when I can get prints made.
All I can tell you right now, is that we had a wonderful time meeting and eating together. I know my sister, Margaret, could have told me also. I would like to mention here, (in her memory), that she would have enjoyed the get together tremendously. She was a very outgoing social person, who got along famously with others. Today is the one year anniversary of her passing on to Glory. We miss her.
Well, Gramps is still abed, and I am going to try to entice him to get up by making a "breakfast" like he enjoys. I may even make some sausage gravy to go with his ham, eggs, and biscuits. He has so little that he enjoys doing these days. Well, yeah, I do enjoy that kind of breakfast as well, and it is Sunday morning and the day stretches before me.
I will be taking down the few Christmas decorations today that are up. Wreath on the front door, lights on the mantel, and small tree on the living room end table. That's it.
Empty boxes and unused wrapping paper to the basement along with the decorations. Then, Christmas is over. It was beautiful while it lasted.
Laundry to finish also (just drying what I washed yesterday. BTW, it was so beautiful yesterday, that I got Gramps out and went to Knoxville to visit with Hugh and Imazo. I also took him what I could find on the internet about a low phosphorous diet. He got the blood report back from the doctor's office and it appears that his phosporous level is too high.
While we were there, I took Imazo to the store so she could exchange his pants she had gotten him for Christmas, because they were too small around the waist. His illness has caused him to have so much fluid in his body that he is larger around the waist than he was. He is seriously considering the possibility of night time dialysis, but I don't think he is there yet. Please pray that God will lead him in making the right decision for his situation. I know he and Imazo (and those of us who love them) will appreciate those prayers.
Well, it is about time to go in and make breakfast (quite literally, I am about ready to eat the paper off the walls, because I have usually had breakfast by this time of the morning. ha.)
I hope you all have a lovely morning (what is left of it) and a great day. May God's blessings be felt by each of you who read this missile. Love to all of you. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for the day.

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Hi Grammy, just stopping by to say hello and to see how you are doing after the "big day." Sounds like your family had fun and enjoyed each others company. I haven't started taking down my Christmas yet. I get to have Christmas again this coming Tuesday. Lisa and the boys will be here. They got back home to Knoxville last night after spending the holidays in Lake charles, LA. I will be glad to see them. It's been kinda lonely! Have a good Sunday!!!!

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