Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Middle of the Week

Hey, Y'all,
What an absolutely beautiful Wednesday it has been! We had a good beginning this morning with a country ham/sausage/eggs/biscuits/coffee breakfast. Yesterday, I decided it was time I had a rolling pin again and also a biscuit cutter. So those were two of the purchases I made at Wally World.

I told Gramps last night that I would make him breakfast this morning instead of our having our usual cold cereal. (Giving him a good reason to get out of bed). So, he was up by a little past 8 a.m. sitting at the kitchen table waiting for breakfast to finish. So all was well and good until after breakfast. He was helping me clean things off the table and had carried his paper napkin over to the trash can. He lost his balance and started moving too quickly and Ka-boom! He sat down hard in the floor against the pantry door and the stove. I was quite concerned that he might have broken something, but he was okay.

It took the two of us to get him up out of the floor, because he wouldn't turn over on to his hands and knees and get up that way. He said he didn't want to make his knees sore. As for me, that is the only way I can get up out of the floor if I happen to be sitting in the floor.

After I got the dishes done, I decided it was time to bring Christmas stuff up out of the basement and decorate our little home. I brought up our two fiberoptic trees and got them out of their boxes. I discovered that a bulb was burned out in the base of one of them, and not the one I wanted to use, so I took both bases apart and exchanged the bulbs, and put the one I wanted to use on the bookcase in front of the window. (It is now turned on and looking beautiful) It is only 32" tall but perfect to go on the bookcase.

I had just finished making a bow to go on the huge wreath for the front porch, and had just about gotten it put up when the phone rang. It was my brother, Hugh, telling me that his son, Jeff, is in the hospital with an inner ear infection (they seem to be pretty sure that is what it is). He said Imazo would like to go over and see him. He was not able to go, so I told him we would be happy to come up and take her to see their son.

I just left everything where it was, and we got our coats on and headed for Knoxville. We got to Hugh's, left Gramps and I took Imazo in our little red jitney over to the hospital to visit Jeff. He was doing quite well, but was sleeping most of the time we were there. His sweet wife, Peggy, was with him and taking excellent care of him. We did not stay very long, but we could see he was doing well and in good hands.

We went back to Hugh's and switched cars, so that we could all go have some late lunch/early supper. Gramps and I sat in the front (I was driving), and Hugh, and Imazo and Mae (we picked her up) and we went to Shoney's.

After supper, we took Mae home and then back to Hugh's and chatted awhile, then got back into our car and came home. I decided that the rest of the decorating can wait until tomorrow. I came in here to my computer/craft/sewing/tv/work room and decided to tackle the installation of my new keyboard. A piece of Cake it was! and now I am using it.

It is only about 7:30 p.m. and I will probably just watch some tv tonight and rest. I may sew some on the quilt. I have a booboo on my right index finger where I accidentally tore my finger nail into the quick and it really inhibits my use of that finger in sewing and other stuff. I use the index finger quite a bit when I am hand sewing, especially to push the needle through the cloth.

Well, enough whining about being tired and having a sore finger. My eyes are quite sleepy, and I think I will just rest them a while. More tomorrow. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for the evening. Bye for now.


azdarlene said...

Hey Ruby,
Maybe Dub got so excited about having a homemade breakfast, (in which I enjoyed when I was back there), he just fell for you. haha!! Glad he didn't hurt anything to bad this time. Tell everyone we love them and talk to you maybe this weekend.
Love ya,

Serbian Mink said...


Vern talked with H&I and with Jeffie this evening and said that all his tests came out ok. I guess it was a scare since he had the same symptoms just a little over 2 years ago.

hope to see y'all soon. Tell Dubby to try and stay vertical when he's not in bed.
Love yuzz,
a TN said...

I'm sorry Gramps fell. Good that he didn't break anything. Bill falls a lot and I know how it is trying to get them up. Sometimes it takes 45 minutes to get him back upright. I know your tree and other decorations are lovely. Don't work too hard!

Serbian Mink said...

ever think to use a thimble or does that hurt as well