Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Lovely Day

Hey, Y'all,
It was indeed a warm day and I enjoyed it thoroughly! This morning, I awakened to the sound of birds outside my window. They were telling me to get up and get out. I said, "Of course, I will!"

Gramps actually got up this morning around 8:30 a.m. and I was again pleased to see him up and ready to have his cereal and coffee. We had a pleasant breakfast and I cleaned the kitchen and got ready to work a while on the quilt. Our friend, Mark, came over and watched an old movie with Kirk Douglas in it. He visited with us for awhile and then Gramps and I had a sandwich for lunch.

After lunch, I was ready to go to Morristown to get more of my Christmas shopping done. I left around 1:00 p.m. and walked around inside Pier One, Ross, Hobby Lobby, and then Walmart. Man! I was about ready to collapse when I got back into my car. When I got back into Jefferson City, I stopped at Burger King and picked up a couple of chicken sandwiches. Imagine my complete lack of surprise when I saw that Gramps had been "grazing" while I was out. Consequently, he didn't finish his fries and sandwich, so I had to wrap them and put them in the fridge. But I am thankful that he is once again eating like he used to. He has his appetite back.

He is no longer sleeping all the time like he was a few weeks ago. He was on the drugs Aricept and Namenda, taking the lowest possible dosage. I took him off of them about two weeks or so ago, and now he is reacting normally. He had lost his appetite, was having nightmares, and hallucinations. I would prefer to have him not remembering stuff instead of off his mental rocker.

I got the rest of the materials today for my "craft project" and will work on it tomorrow. It shouldn't take too long to do it. Then i will take a picture if it turns out well, or maybe even if it doesn't. It would be something to joke about and laugh about. I am not above laughing at myself. I have provided some of the best laughs about me over the years.

While I was in the parking lot this afternoon, I looked up and saw lots of seagulls flying around. I know they are scavengers, but they are still beautiful in flight. Every living thing has a beauty of its own, I believe. We just often have to look for the beauty.

I was dreaming of my family members last night. I dreamed of my mom, my sister, and of my brother, John. John was going around kissing every one goodbye. If you knew John, you would know that he is not a "kisser" normally. My mom had been fussing about us throwing away furniture that had worn out. John had been holding my hand while he said goodbye to me, which is also very "unJohn". I love you, John and Darlene. Thank you, Darlene, for taking such great care of John.

Well, this is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for tonight. More tomorrow. May you each feel God's love and peace within. Bye for now.

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Judy said...

So glad your hubby is doing better. My Bob was on several medicines that caused him to sleep all the time. Once off them, he was a different person. I enjoyed your comments on my blog about Pearl Harbor. Thanks.