Friday, December 19, 2008

Visit to a Tearoom

Hey, Y'all,
I know I haven't posted yet about the Unique Antiques meeting yesterday, but I haven't downloaded the pics yet. I will do that in the morning and do the post about it.

The wind today was ferocious! I'll bet if I had stood in the wind for very long, I might be in the next county by now. AH Ha. Just joking! But it was very strong and cold. It knocked out the electricity in town and out here in the country and over in the next county. My friend, Judy, her mom, Marion, and I went over into the next county to a lovely little tearoom and had lunch. What a lovely treat that was! I had loaded potato soup, a half sandwich of chicken salad on puff pastry, and a pot of hot tea. Yum!

We spent about two hours over there and had such a wonderful time! We plan to go back soon.

I was up at 6 a.m. this morning (couldn't stay in bed any longer) and so I began sewing on the quilt again. I simply must finish it soon, so that I can send it to grandson, Matt, even though he won't get it by Christmas, maybe by the first of the year I can send it to him.

Our neighbor, Scott, has been working in our basement getting ready to add a bedroom, bath, and maybe a family room. We will be able to have company then to come and visit and have a place for them to sleep instead of them having to check into a motel. Wouldn't that be great? Mark is having the work done for us.

Speaking again of the wind, it seemed like it was going to blow away everything not nailed down outside and if it could have gotten inside, no doubt it could have blown away stuff from inside the house. Ha. Ha.

You should have seen the windchimes moving around. They were spinning like whirling dervishes. I was wondering if it would pick up my cracker barrel rockers and rock them on down the driveway, but it didn't. The sign hanging on my awning that tells the house number kept swinging like crazy, and but for the chains holding it, it would have sailed across the road toward the horses in the field. The wind must have made the horses invigorated, because they seemed to have extra energy, as they ran about in the field.

Tomorrow, we are planning to go into Knoxville to spend some pre-Christmas time with Hugh, Imazoe, and Mae and Hugh's family that lives in Knoxville. He told Imazo that was what he wanted this year for Christmas - just to spend time with family. He went to have blood drawn today to check on his condition. I am curious to find what they will determine from it. He has an appointment to see his heart doctor and nephrologist in January. We are all really concerned about his condition.

Also tomorrow, out in Phoenix, our brother, John's, memorial service will be held by his family out there. I am sure we will probably sit around tomorrow at Hugh's, remembering things about John, and the events of his life and how they intertwined with ours.

We are getting some different furniture tomorrow. Mark and Alllie are getting new living room furniture for their upstairs and will be moving what they have upstairs into their family room downstairs. We get what they now have in their downstairs family room. A sofa, and a love seat. Pretty good deal, eh? We will be passing on to a friend the love seat and a chair that matches it that are presently in our living room.

We will have to move our little Christmas tree (and the bookcase it is on, in front of the mantel, because we will need the space under the window to put the sofa. We will place the love seat where the occasional chair is that I usually sit in to sew on the quilt. Gramps occasional chair will stay where it is so that he can sit in it. (He has it broken in to fit his body). Thus we will have sitting places for seven people in our livining room. Right now, only five people can sit in our living room, one of them using the dining room chair that is in the living room.

Well , my eyes are telling me that it is time to go to bed. I must take my nighttime medications and take myself off to rest for a few hours. Vacuuming and furniture to move in the morning. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for the evening. More tomorrow. Bye for now.

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