Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Mother's Wish to Her Daughter

Hey, Y'all,

Today is a special day for our oldest daughter. She is having a birthday today. Happy Birthday, Carol.
I have been looking through my pictures on my computer and I wanted to post some of my favorite pictures of Carol .

Carol was born quite a few years ago (for her sake, I won't say exactly how many). She was born on a cold day in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I took a bus to the hospital, and she was born a few hours later by a C-section. My sister, Margaret, had come up to help me take care of her. My husband, Charles, came later with his brother, Harold, and Margaret, to see me and Carol. We named her Carol because she was born so close to Christmas.

They told me a funny tale about Harold (who was driving a car) going the wrong way on a one way street on the way to see me. I laughed so hard, and it hurt, but I couldn't help laughing. They were so funny. They probably exaggerated to make it funnier.

Naturally, most of the pictures I have on my computer are of Carol's younger years, because a lot of them I had scanned in several years ago for a family history cd. I have spent a couple of hours trying to find more up to date pictures of Carol and her family. She and Daryl have four children and two of them are married with children, so it is difficult to find pictures of them all together. I did find a good one of Carol and Daryl, so it is posted here. There are a lot of pictures of them on their blogs, so I was able to find a good one of the majority of them together.

To speak of Carol now, is to also speak of Daryl, because they are one, and have been since their wedding in 1975. He and Carol are a team, and have done a superb job of raising their children in the fear of the Lord. Gramps and I are so very proud of the two of them and of their children. We love them greatly.

We are pleased to wish Carol a Happy Birthday. We love you, Carol.

Pictures shown are:
1. Me, Charles, newborn Carol
2. Carol - age 6 months (year on picture is wrong)
3. Carol - age 1 and 1/2
4. Carol - age 4 and little sister, Teresa - age 6 months
5. Carol - age 5
6. Carol -about age 8
7- Carol -teenager
8- Grammy, Emily (Carol's daughter), Carol (summer-2007)
9. Teenage Carol, her Aunt Margaret, sister, Teresa
10. Carol - college age
11. Carol and Daryl with most of family Thanksgiving, 2007
12. Carol and Daryl last summer


Mom's Blog said...

What a sweet blog! Thanks!
Now, what WAS the story they told you about Uncle Harold??? :-)

Grammy said...

Hey, Daughter,
Glad you liked the post. It was supposed to be dated Dec 5, because I did it at 1:30 this morning. Anyway, the story went that your Uncle Harold didn't know the streets of Fort Wayne too well because he lived in Kendallville and didn't drive in Fort Wayne very much. In fact, when he went to visit his sister, Nellie, who lived in Detroit, he would call her husband when he got to the outskirts of Detroit and say, "Come and get me". Harold was not an adventurous driver (like I am). So they were telling me about how he got on a one-way street bringing them to see me in the hospital, and thought he was going the right way. When he saw someone else driving towards him, he said,"Look at that crazy fool! HE is going the wrong way!" Then he realized it was he, himself, who was going the wrong way. TN said...

Happy Birthday Carol. May you have many, many more. I have been to your blog! Very Nice!!!!!

Judy said...

Happy late Birthday to Carol. I loved seeing the pictures of her. She was such a beautiful child and is a beautiful woman. She has the prettiest, most expressive eyes, and she looks like you.